"The falcon bent down on his knees and..."/ Hamide's last walk, the witness: He left the hospital to buy bread

2022-12-01 20:16:34Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Hamide Magashi and author Sokol Halili

The media in Kosovo have published the testimony of the woman who accompanied Hamide Magashi on her last walk, before she was killed by her ex-husband, Sokol Halili in the maternity yard in Pristina.

The relative of the victim had accompanied the 35-year-old deceased to go out and buy bread, before the murder happened.

Hamide Magashi was hospitalized in the University Clinical Center after she was expected to give birth today. According to the relative, after they had gone out of the clinic to buy bread, Hamide Magashi met her ex-husband Sokol Halil in the courtyard of the hospital.

She discovered the conversation that the victim and the perpetrator had between them, at the moment when Hamide Magashi saw her ex-husband in the yard.

"He came to talk to the woman. She told me that he is my ex-husband and distanced herself to talk to him. When they met, he bent down on both knees and was saying something to her," the victim's relative said.

The family members of the victim accuse the police authorities of the serious event that shook Pristina, where 35-year-old Hamide Magashi was killed with two bullets by her ex-husband, Sokol Halili, in front of the maternity hospital while she was waiting for the birth of her child.

The sister of the 35-year-old woman informed the local media that the victim was granted a protection order by the court on September 13, which was valid until March 13 of the following year.

"The police was aware of the case because she has been trying to divorce him for four months," she said.

Other family members close to the victim, cousins, say that the 35-year-old woman was previously subjected to physical and psychological violence by her ex-husband, while the police remain to blame for them.