EPIC VIDEO/ The MEP takes the pigeon out of the bag and releases it in the European Parliament!

2024-04-25 13:52:56Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Miroslav Radačovský

An unusual action happened during a session of the European Parliament where a Slovak MEP took out a white dove from his bag and let it fly in the hall as a symbol of peace in the world.

He said he wanted peace between Russians and Ukrainians and in all the countries of the world as well.

"I would like to release this dove as a symbol of peace, to symbolize that Europe needs peace. Let's let this dove unite us all," said Miroslav Rada?ovský.

This action, contrary to what the Slovak MEP thought, caused harsh reactions from his colleagues present in the hall who accused him of having used a bird to express a political point contrary to the rules of the parliament.

"He used a bird, hidden in his bag as a simple object, just to make a statement of peace today. What will you do to bring this animal back, sir? Where is animal welfare in this speaker's gesture? I find this absolutely unacceptable," said MEP Roose.

Jan-Christoph Oetjen, a deputy speaker of parliament, said the incident would be reported to the chamber's president, adding: " We hope the animal is fine ."