Presidential elections in North Macedonia, Bujar Osmani announces victory among Albanians

2024-04-24 22:50:46Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Osmani announces victory over Taravar with over 40 thousand votes advantage

Although the process of counting votes has not yet been officially closed, the DUI candidate for president, Bujar Osmani, announced his victory over the other Albanian candidate of the VLEN coalition, Arben Taravari.

In a speech before the supporters, after counting more than 75% of the boxes, Osmani said that his victory is deep with about 40 thousand votes, as he listed the areas where he is at an advantage.

"We scored victories in every municipality of the country. Jegunovce, Hara?ine, Vrap?ishte, Studeni?ane, Likovë, Bogovinje, Zhelina, Gazi Babë, Bërvenica, Dollnen, Resnje, Struga, Çaška, Zelenikovë, Ohrid and victories in Tetovo, Saraj, Manastir, Çuçer Sandevo, Veles, Ki?evo, Karposh, victories in Gostivar, Krushëvë, Kumanovo... in Çair, Kendra, Dibër everywhere in the Republic, a deep victory of the European Front", declared Osmani.

In the general ranking in the first round of the presidential elections, Bujar Osmani is ranked third, while Arben Taravari is fourth with 10.35% of the votes.

Meanwhile, the opposition candidate of VMRO DPMNE, Gordana Siljanovska Davkova, is the winner of the first round of presidential elections in North Macedonia, even though some of the votes have not been counted yet.

After processing more than 75% of the ballot boxes, the pro-Russian candidate leads with 35.37% of the preferences, or more than 125 thousand votes more than the rival candidate in the race Stevo Pendarovski, who has only 19.25% of the votes. votes.

As expected, there will be a second round of presidential elections in North Macedonia on May 8, as the Albanian vote will be decisive for the new head of state.

In the first round of parliamentary elections in North Macedonia, 7 candidates were registered, while more than 1.8 million citizens had the right to vote.