Bujar Osmani delivers a message to Arben Taravar after the announcement of the victory among the Albanians

2024-04-25 10:42:57Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Bujar Osmani

Bujar Osmani, candidate of the European Front for president of North Macedonia, announced the victory of this front in the Albanian camp.

In the general competition, Osmani was ranked third.

He had a message for Arben Taravari, the other Albanian candidate for president of North Macedonia.

Osmani told him that they had an honest campaign, asking Taravani to accept defeat.

"Arben, despite the blows, we had an honest campaign and today we accept the loss with dignity, as well as the victory. It is the will of the people that determines. We must accept this will for the message sent today by the Albanians and all other communities", was Osman's message.