He cut his wife's neck with a knife out of jealousy, the Albanian is sentenced to life imprisonment

2022-12-03 23:14:31Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Spouse couple

A court in Greece sentenced to life imprisonment the 40-year-old Albanian Florand Shehu who killed his 31-year-old wife Anisa with a knife in July 2021.

The serious incident happened in their apartment in Dhafni in Athens. The Albanian cut his wife's throat with the meat knife he used in the bar and then handed himself over to the police.

"I killed my wife, inside the apartment where we lived. I was insanely jealous of him," the 40-year-old confessed.

The decision on the murder case was given last Wednesday by the court, but it was only reported today (December 3) by the Greek media.

"From the first moment, the family of the deceased girl and then the defense lawyers supported the claim for the "calm state of mind" in which the accused was, as well as the plan he had made for the murder.

"Undeniably, life imprisonment, although the maximum sentence, cannot accurately describe the pain and suffering that the family experienced and is experiencing. Clearly, we express our satisfaction with the decision reached after a joint evaluation of all the evidence of submitted", the victim's lawyers declared.

However, the murder could have been avoided if the police called by the 31-year-old in the previous days had more carefully investigated her phone calls.

For this reason, they were suspended and a police investigation was launched against them.