"BM" Ltd.: Accusations, untrue! The attack is orchestrated and has illegal purposes

2024-04-19 10:48:19Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The company BM sh.pk has reacted in relation to the announcement of the Shkodra Prosecutor's Office yesterday (seizure of some of the assets of the citizen A.GJ) and describes its accusations as " completely untrue, which constitute an orchestrated attack with the aims of illegal ".

The company "BM" Sh.pk, official distributor of Bavaria Beer and 8S2 Energy Drink products, states that these allusions are completely " fantasy and slander, which will be followed institutionally ".

" The leaders of the company have implemented and continue to implement the law with the highest rigor and the activity of this company has been and continues to be in full compliance with the law. The company "BM" Sh.pk is a regular tax payer and at any time and in any case, has followed the law and is proud to be a company of European standards ", says the company's response.

The company guarantees " consumers and collaborators that the work and activity of the company will continue providing our products on the market as always, in the highest quality and standard ".

" BM" Sh.pk, as before, also today encourages the institutions of justice to perform their work on a legal basis with the sole aim of enforcing the law. We are convinced that any legal and media process against the company and its leaders will result in the dismissal of all allusions and 'accusations'. These media attacks and all allusions will be institutionally dismissed, as has happened before ", follows the official reaction of the BM sh.pk company.

The company states with conviction that the attacks have " a commercial background and with the special purpose of damaging the image and activity of the company, to which it will respond institutionally ".

" The aim of the attacks is to damage the image of the Bavaria Beer products and the 8S2 energy drink, which have been and will continue to be leaders in the market ", it is said, among others, in the reaction.