Shadow of the scandal over the Prosecutor of Shkodra, after 7 years of "investigation" hits the businessman of energy drinks

2024-04-18 13:59:02Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Blerta Hamza

The competition for protagonism with the SPAK of some of the district prosecutors is turning into investigations, requests and mediocre decisions, which, if they are not undertaken due to incompetence, have as a background the imposition of fines on businesses.

The specific case arrives this Thursday from Shkodra. The Shkodra Prosecutor's Office announced with great fanfare the seizure of the businesses and assets of the citizen Ago Gjolaj. 

The prosecution says that their seizure was made on the basis of a criminal proceeding initiated seven years ago with the charge of laundering the proceeds of a criminal offense. 

The file was investigated by prosecutor Blerta Hamza. According to this announcement, it took the prosecutor seven years to discover that the business in question, one of the largest in Albania in the field of distribution of energy drinks and other products for which it enjoys exclusive distribution rights, was used to clean the products of criminal offense. 

The prosecutor reaches this conclusion without first interrogating anyone from the company, not even the businessman himself, Ago Gjolaj, accused of the criminal offense. The prosecutor does not refer to any financial data from the balance sheets of businessman Gjolaj's company, which are public and easily accessible at the National Business Center.

She cites a contract signed by a relative of Ago Gjolaj for the purchase of a boat in Montenegro worth 300 thousand euros. To add to the dose of protagonism, the prosecution says that the vehicle is luxurious and that it was bought in Montenegro by a person involved in criminal activities and accused of money laundering.

Without first proving the source of the 300,000 euros, neither the luxury word nor the written word of the seller in Montenegro can constitute evidence in court to seize an entire business in Albania, which employs hundreds of people. 

First, 300,000 euros can hardly be considered luxury today in Albania, when the price of an apartment is going towards these figures. 

Second, it is neither the duty nor the responsibility of the buyer to request evidence of criminal charges for the seller, especially since in this case it was, is, or may be subject to the law of another country. 

These are the reasons that, more than a criminal offense, the 7-year investigation of the prosecutor Blerta Hamza is at best an investment for protagonism and at worst an attempt to fine a business.

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