Ilir Meta's paranoia sees enemies everywhere...even in the marital bed

2024-04-16 12:27:56Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ilir Meta

Ilir Meta exploded in the television interview in Opinion, where more than the power, he found enemies not only within the party, but also within his house. He spoke at length about saboteurs, spies and traitors in the ranks of the Freedom Party, who, as he warned in the speech given during the meeting of the Presidency of this party, will be purged.

The former President's pearl was when he divided his relationship with his wife into two areas. The first field was the political one, while the second meant the family relationship. In the political report, Meta said that he is not good and that he has not been angry since the mandates were burned. "Our political relations since that moment have suffered a great shock", declared Meta.

As for the family relationship, he did not mention it much in the interview, but a week ago Ilir Meta wished him a happy birthday with a 'vintage' photo, where Monika Kryemadhi changes like night and day compared to the current appearance, which as stated in a file of submitted to SPAK to the couple is thanks to aesthetic interventions of thousands of undeclared euros.
But, although he tried to separate the political and family relationship with Kryemadhi, Ilir Meta indirectly blamed him for the problems he has opened today, both with the state of the party and with the accusations in SPAK.

Meta admitted that Monika Kryemadhi supplied SPAK with materials against him. But how? It is not about cases where a woman denounces her husband. It is about the public statements, actions and expenses of the Chief. More specifically, one of the main pieces of evidence that SPAK is said to have today against the couple for accusations of non-declaration of money, corruption is the seized phone, which Kryemadhi asked all the way to the Supreme Court to get it back.

For the situation in the party, Meta blamed Monika Kryemadhi's incompetence in her leadership. The major sin, which he does not forgive, is the burning of the deputies' mandates in 2019 and the destruction of the LSI in 2021, where of the 17 deputies he left, Ilir Meta took four of them.

Petrit Vasili was also blamed for this as incompetent, Elona Gurin, accused by the media as a realtor of money laundering of the family's corruption, considered him a SPAK spy, while the guard he expelled as a traitor for not protecting the President at a table where he was they insulted him, despite the fact that the President himself was not there.

If you see the big picture of all the statements and public appearances of Ilir Meta in recent months, it is understood that he is in a desperate state. He has begun to see enemies everywhere. He sees enemies within the party, he sees enemies in justice, he sees enemies even in the marital bed.

This is the metamorphosis of politician Ilir Meta, since the slogan 'calmly and with love' has transformed into a paranoid politician, with adventurous performances on social networks and equally adventurous statements in public appearances.

In the following, Vox News will bring all the names that Ilir Meta has recently expelled from the party and those he has called saboteurs. The list starts with Endrit Braimllari and his sister-in-law Floida Kërpaci, as well as the latter's co-habitant, who is the brother of the former general secretary of PL.

Meta has covered the purge of the party as nepotism, but sources close to him indicate that Meta is paranoid that his closest people are supplying SPAK with information.

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