"Meeting with a high OFFICIAL in the Netherlands", the NAMES of the 4 Albanian "heads" of the drug in Europe are disclosed: They would build a "RROKAQIELL" in Tirana!

2024-04-09 11:17:50Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
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The event dates back to September 30, 2020 when, on a separate occasion, garage boxes were checked in Evere.

There we found a van, chemicals related to the preparation of cocaine, cannabis oil and resin, batteries and fake police uniforms.

Thanks to the phones used for the rental, investigators traced four people, including a prisoner in Barcelona in connection with a case of 441 kg of cocaine.

They realize that this person continues to drive their traffic from their cell.

Global consequences

Another is identified, who travels a lot to Dubai, Greece or Mexico. He owns companies in Cyprus and Dubai and has invested in coal trading.

 He owns a legal cannabis plantation in Greece, subsidized by the government, he sent it.

During the police surveillance, the investigators discovered frequent comings and goings in the ports of Ghent and Antwerp.

These people meet in supermarket parking lots, they exchange bags. A warehouse in Zutendaal (Limburg), where large barrels are delivered, is intriguing. The investigation has been enriched thanks to the unraveling of the 'Sky ECC' cryptophones.

In the phone of Indri K. , one of the main defendants, we see photos of cocaine bars, weapons, ecstasy, banknotes as well as data on payments to be made in Latin America and evidence of transfers from Brazil and Bolivia to France, Belgium and England.

The investigation spans Europe and mainly Spain, the criminal organization has global ramifications.

It is active in arms, car and drug trafficking, as well as prostitution. It is about transfers of football players for significant amounts.

The managers invest their income in real estate in Germany, Albania, Italy and Spain , mainly in Mallorca .

The defendants met in the Antilles to discuss the construction of a skyscraper in Tirana.

It would also be this Balearic island that would be the epicenter of the organization and the chosen land of its leader Bashkim O.

This Kosovar, who, like Artur S. , would settle in Miami, was targeted in Spain by investigations since 2018.

Artur S. as well as one of the defendants who is currently being tried in Brussels, Arben I. it is learned that they participated in meetings in Mallorca as well as in Italy, during which real estate investments financed by drug money were discussed.

Aruba and watch 400,000 euros

Investigators believe that there was also a meeting in Aruba (Netherlands Antilles) during which the investment in a skyscraper in Tirana (Albania) was discussed. Participants traveled there by private jet.

Albanian officials reportedly attended this meeting to facilitate obtaining building permits. This was denied on Monday by Arbeni I, who nevertheless admits that he has very high connections in Tirana.

In this context, there is also talk of handing over a watch worth 400,000 euros.

The sector transported cocaine from South America to Belgium through various channels with fishing vessels that leave the cocaine at sea where it is handled by yachts, commercial flights, private planes or even in containers.

Expeditions to Berlaar

On September 18, 2021, the organization failed to recover a container shipment of cocaine.

Despite this, they went to the truck driver, who they forced, at gunpoint, to return to his business in Berlaar.

They then found cocaine from the container, laboratories have also been discovered in Zutendaal, elsewhere in Belgium and in the Netherlands.

 In other cases, it was extracted from products where it had been hidden (coal or fruit pulp) before the pulp thus extracted was shaped and turned into loaves which would be stamped with acronyms such as Volvo, Rolex, Puma or… the Israeli flag .

Cocaine was then exported in cars equipped with hiding places, the trial for them is expected to last a month./Taken from a French media adapted  VoxNews