SPAK controlled the headquarters of the Freedom Party, Meta expels the bodyguard who served him for a decade

2024-04-08 23:03:17Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ilir Meta and Laert Gjoka (with the red arrow) who was the former president's bodyguard for 11 years

The chairman of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, has expelled the guard Laert Gjoka, who had been his bodyguard for 11 years.

In the protest held a few days ago in front of the Municipality of Tirana, Meta said that he dismissed the guards, accusing them of being patronage, even though he had them by his side for a decade.

But the real reason why Meta has dismissed his bodyguards is SPAK's investigations against the former president.

Vox News has learned that when agents of the National Bureau of Investigation went to check the headquarters of the Freedom Party, the guards were not stopped. This action has aroused the anger of Meta, who has immediately expelled the three guards who served as his bodyguards.

Meanwhile, the command of the Guard of the Republic has argued through a statement that the Guard employees physically guard the former President and cannot prevent any other law enforcement body from doing its duty. Also, at the end of the letter, Meta was asked to make proposals for the names that the Guard requires as an escort. But the official of the Freedom Party, Tedi Blushi, held a meeting with the leaders of the Guard and affirmed that Meta does not need any guards.

Vox News learns that BKH has made checks not only at the headquarters of the Freedom Party, but also at the apartment of Ilir Meta.

Meanwhile, regarding the departure of Laert Gjoka, there was also a reaction from the former chief of staff of former president Ilir Meta, Bledar Dervishaj. The latter has criticized Meta's action, evaluating the guard as an exemplary employee.