"CONQUEROR OF THE CITY"/ Profile of the WINNER of Istanbul: Passion for football married to the woman "covered" with tattoos!

2024-04-02 12:11:22Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Dilek Imamoglu/ Ekrem Imamoglu

Ekrem Imamoglou , known as " The Conqueror of the City ", secured his victory for the second time in Istanbul City Hall .

The city that is the "capital" of the Turkish economy, as it makes up a third of it, with a campaign focused precisely on Turkey's collapsing economy.

The "conqueror of the city" was also voted in by deeply religious people, which was a surprise even to Erdogan himself, who saw the CHP take the largest percentage since 1977.

"Go ahead, change everything", shouted the crowd of people with red flags, proving that with his modesty and work, he gained a common language with different political, social, economic and religious starting points.

He spoke to the heart of the Turks, "hitting" Erdogan in his weak spot, demanding increased social benefits, investments for a "greener" Istanbul and cheaper transportation.

"Turkish Clinton, but without... treason", the Turkish press is now calling him.

Imamoglu is supported by his wife, Dilek, 4 years younger, (since 1995) and the mother of their three children (Mehmet, Semih and Beren).

Born in 1974, Dilek, graduated from Istanbul University in tourism and public administration, is considered by many to be the driving force behind Ekrem. What guides him.

Dilek is not a typical "First Lady" (they call her the First Lady of Istanbul), the usual wife of a Turkish politician.

She doesn't wear a headscarf, showing off her dyed blonde hair, wears the latest fashions and often reveals the tattoo she has on her arm, a scorpion a direct reference to her zodiac sign, as she was born on November 18.

Dilek herself is very active with social issues and participates in various activities for the awareness of people with disabilities, women's rights and children's education.

Characteristic of her action is that she visited Istanbul in a wheelchair for a day accompanied by Semra Çetinkaya, vice president of the Spinal Cord Paralyzed Association of Turkey, "to feel the difficulties faced by disabled people and to raise awareness".

In fact, in 2014, Dilek Imamoglu received the ?ükrü Sürmen Award from the Turkish association as a result of her "disability awareness activity".

She will not hesitate to face Erdogan himself. As she did in 2022, when her husband was sentenced to two years and seven months in prison and stripped of his political right for insulting public officials.

"The important thing is not to stay in power, but to still have honor," she wrote, referring to Ismet Inonu, a Turkish military and politician who was a close associate of Kemal.

Imamoglu has a lot in common with his arch-rival, Erdogan. He has a passion for football and was also a semi-professional football player in his youth./ VoxNews