A year later, memory...

2024-03-27 16:31:53Fokus SHKRUAR NGA ANILA HOXHA

By Anila Hoxha

1) Do you remember that after the attack on the Top Channel media, which happened a year ago, the authorities gave dozens of statements promising that they are very close to finding out?

So far lies!

The truth is that the terrorist attack, the first of its kind against a media outlet in the country and officially classified as such, still has no specific perpetrators.

So, there is no one officially accused.

And an unsolved crime against the media is an unfired bullet in the body of every journalist, every media worker.

2) Do you remember that after the murder of Pal Kola by one of the bullets fired from Kalashnikov weapons, the authorities initially tried to bring the investigation to a dead end. A few hours after the event, they released the unofficial version that it could be related to the victim's private conflicts.

48 hours later it was admitted that they were lying!!

The accepted truth: weapons were fired at the headquarters of Top Channel, in an institution where work is done non-stop.

Where one of us was killed, and many others were endangered

3) Do you remember the reward of 100 thousand euros for anyone who has information about the authors?

It continues to be in force.

The truth is that there is little hope that someone who might have a shred of information will realize that he was shot at even for his own truth, pick up the phone and show a trail.

4). A terrorist act, finely sophisticated. To sow fear and bring silence, which, as communication experts call it, causes a chilling effect.

However, time has shown that no one has succeeded in killing a media.

Top Channel is a mission!

Because Henry Anatole Grunwald wrote: Journalism can never be silent: this is its greatest virtue and fault