After the denunciation of Vox News, changes in the directorate of AKU Tirana!

2024-03-28 14:49:45Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Elban Zavalani/ Fation Pasholli recently brought an article built on the basis of denunciations and alerts that had arrived in the editorial office about the transformation of the dome of the regional directorate of the National Food Authority, headed by Elban Zavalani , into a gang of fines for businesses.

The article, which talked about the detailed scheme with doubts about how this group operated, apparently did not fall on deaf ears. Elban Zavalani is no longer in charge of the AKU of Tirana, which covers almost half of the consumers in Albania.

Fation Pasholli has been appointed in his place , whose first task will apparently be the destruction of the fine-trafficking network set up by the previous leader at the head of this institution.

Vox News ' March 12 report

In the first days of March, the police announced the arrest of a businessman, accused of trying to bribe the director of the National Food Authority for the Tirana region to certify the analyzes of his products, even though they may have been outside market standards.

This is the apparent side of the coin. The invisible side of the coin is the public secret that in the National Food Authority, at least in the region of Tirana, it is suspected that there is an established network of corrupt officials and former officials who impose fines on businesses.

Preliminary data provided by sources within this directory suggest not. The sources raise doubts that the head of the AKU is aware of a fining scheme that the inspectors subordinate to him apply to businesses.

The scheme, according to the notification received in the editorial office of, is simple.

Businesses that are caught with violations for which the legislation stipulates a fine, are threatened by the inspectors with a lawsuit in the Tirana prosecutor's office, where the head of the AKU of Tirana has a family member in the function of prosecutor, if they refuse to pay the 'fine under their hands' .

The denunciation received by requires a more in-depth investigation, while the leader of Tirana's AKU was also accused by the opposition in the middle of July for blackmail and fines against businesses.

Near our editorial office, there are dozens of cases of denunciations by subjects when AKU inspectors have turned into taxi drivers. The new head of AKU, Edmond Rrushi, even though he tries to reform the institution dealing with food safety, has the Tirana branch completely out of control.

In the following, we will publish many denunciation cases related to Tirana's AKU, and the list of subjects where the inspectors go and then receive a phone call from the directorate to leave without leaving any findings.

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