Seminars, trainings and vacations at the "La Brisa" hotel, taxes paid in January 83.9 MILLION ALL for Tivar and Malaj!

2024-04-03 13:13:06Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Former sales manager at UKT, Elvin Tivari/Mayor of Mati, Agron Malaj

The business connections of former officials with other state institutions have been proven through a series of transactions carried out in their accounts, collecting millions of lek through nepotistic services.

Transactions with different figures were carried out in the company "5D Konstruksion", of Redi Mollë , Taulant Tušë and Mariglen Qatos .

While the transfer of public money has continued at the beginning of the year for the business of the former director of sales at UKT, Elvin Tivari.

Ora writes that he discovered that only through a financial transaction " Hotel La Brisa ", owned by the former director of sales at UKT, Elvin Tivari and Fatos Malaj , the brother of the Mayor of Mat, Agron Malaj , won at the beginning of the year 83 million and 900 thousand old ALL.

This invoice was issued by the entity "La Brisa" on September 25, 2023, while it was executed by the General Directorate of Taxes on January 9, 2024.

The invoice includes VAT on goods and services within the country. While it is thought that the premises of Elvin Tivari's hotel have been used by the Tax Administration for training, seminars and vacations during the summer season of 2023.

This amount of 83 million and 900 thousand old ALL has already been collected in the accounts of the subject "La Brisa".

On the other hand, SPAK for several months has started an investigation for the officials and former officials of the Municipality of Tirana, who from simple directors very quickly turned into strategic investors and created successful businesses by exploiting corruption through public money.