Pensioners with a letter of protest. Notice "on the pole" for their payments and a request to the government

2024-04-16 10:29:36Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

This morning in the editorial office of VoxNews came a photo announcement. Protest reaction from pensioners, which at best makes you react, at worst makes you cry. To react when you think you reach retirement age and get a ridiculous monthly income and cry that at least one such group has found a way, even through a letter to the tree, to at least leave us alone.

In a notice addressed to the Prime Minister, pensioners clearly write: "Pensioners do not need a bank card because it is up to them to withdraw their pensions. 70 percent of them want them in the mail.

Pensioners need the pension increase to meet the very expensive prices as well as the tax increase to meet the minimum living wage imposed by your government.

And pensioners will one day appreciate you in the 2025 elections by not giving you the vote".

Why this desperate reaction of theirs? And why, on the other hand, the government calls it an achievement that all pensions will be taken from the bank, even calling it a saving of income. Most of those who are retired are not updated with technology and they have more faith in what they see with their eyes (although it is funny) than going to ATMs to withdraw a lifetime's worth of money.

What decision was taken by the government?

Starting on April 3, 2024, all pensioners, people receiving economic assistance, unemployment benefit recipients, work invalids, or orphans, will be able to open an account with second-tier banks at zero cost.

The law approved in December of last year "On the Payment Account with Basic Services", provides that these categories can have an account and be equipped with a bank card, through which they can withdraw money, make payments or in 5 bank transfers within the country with zero fees. This account will be functional only in the local currency (lek), and will also serve to receive the pension or economic assistance that the beneficiary categories receive.

Pensions are expected to go from being received by hand to the mail, through direct deposit into the bank account. But there is still no date when this change will happen as a joint instruction must first be made between several institutions. (Ministry of Economy, Finance, Institute of Social Insurance, Post and Bank of Albania). Prime Minister Edi Rama has given an ultimatum to the banks, since this year it has become a fact that pensioners withdraw their monthly payment to the bank.

According to the new law published in the Official Gazette, commercial banks in the country are obliged to open the account free of charge, but can refuse only when it turns out that the law on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing is being violated, or in cases where the consumer has another existing account in another bank in Albania, which allows him to use basic services.

In case of unfair rejection, citizens can complain to the Bank of Albania, which can ask the second level banks to open this account within 15 working days (not including the weekend).


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