The Government's decision that favors the traffic of immigrants

2024-04-15 12:26:46Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The head of the government Edi Rama and some immigrants caught at the border (Photomontage)

A March 2021 Government decision is unwittingly favoring migrant trafficking groups. The decision taken at the time eased the entry procedures for nationals with a valid residence permit from the United Arab Emirates.

Citizens not of the United Arab Emirates benefit from this relief, but citizens of third countries who have a residence permit from the Emirates. This category mainly includes manual workers from countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal. One of the groups that has the most employees is the "Emaar" group, which has received the project to build the Port of Durrës in Albania with an investment that is expected to exceed 2 billion euros.

Facilitating visa procedures for this category of persons at that time was undertaken to provide the necessary labor for the construction of the tourist port in Durrës. However, this same government decision is being used by clandestine traffic networks from the countries of the Middle East and Central Asia towards Western Europe.

This fact is also revealed in the file of the prosecutor's office of Tirana in the case of the crackdown on the immigrant trafficking group, where senior leaders of the country's immigration office were also involved. Many of the citizens who have been trafficked to the EU against payments exceeding 5 thousand euros, turn out to have had a residence permit in the United Arab Emirates and have been provided with a visa by the Albanian authorities, using the decision of March 2021 of the Government.

The decision at that time, along with the additional visa waiver for Russian citizens, was criticized by Bruskeli, who has asked Albania to align its visa policies with those of the European Union.

Until the decision of March 25, 2021, citizens who enjoyed the right to automatic equipment with a visa from Albania were those who were equipped with a valid multiple-entry visa, or a valid residence permit issued by the United States of America, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, provided that visas have previously been used in these countries. As for the countries of the European Union, they benefit from the mechanisms provided by Schengen, of which Albania has been a part since 2010.

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