POLICE chiefs "caught" by CRIME arrested by SPAK in 2023!

2023-12-01 12:24:33Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Stiljan Pasho/ Dedan Gjoni/ Dritan Metaj

A weak state in the face of crime, gangs, drug trafficking and corruption remains at risk at any moment in matters of national and international security.

The growth and strengthening of the mafia and crime weakens the role and structures of the state, as dirty money buys the official, the leader, and the soldier.

The strongest " Guardian " that protects the state and stops crime is the State Police. This institution in the year that we are leaving behind has suffered several serious blows within its ranks, arresting police officers, their chiefs and former high chiefs.

The year 2023 was a blow to the untouchables in the ranks of the police who were found to be linked to the world of crime and worked for them.

October 9, 2023- The State Police landed in Fushë and arrested the head of the Kurbi police station, Dritan Metaj , who appears in the SPAK file with an important role in drug trafficking.

POLICE chiefs "caught" by CRIME arrested by SPAK in 2023!
Dritan Metaj

It is said that dozens of cell phone communications have been discovered for Meta and the drug baron Gëzim Çela.

November 20, 2023- SPAK arrested Dedan Gjon , head of crimes at Police Station number 6, he was arrested after decoding the "Sky ECC" application.

POLICE chiefs "caught" by CRIME arrested by SPAK in 2023!
Dedan John

He is charged with money laundering, structured criminal group, drug trafficking, providing conditions to commit murder, abuse of office and supporting the perpetrator of the crime.

November 30, 2023- The head of the Border and Immigration Services Sector of Korça, Stiljan Pasho , was arrested this Thursday by the Police Supervision Agency, accused of being involved in the trafficking of narcotics.

POLICE chiefs "caught" by CRIME arrested by SPAK in 2023!
Stiljan Pasho

It is learned that the 53-year-old used his position as head of the commission to favor the citizen Lorenzo Lika to cross to Greece with 26 kg of cannabis in his vehicle.

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