Becchetti threatens the Rama-Meloni agreement, requests the blocking of funds for immigrants!

2023-11-27 14:23:44Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Giorgia Meloni/ Edi Rama/ Francesco Beccheti

The agreement of November 6 between Edi Rama and Giorgia Meloni for the establishment of two centers for immigrants in Albania risks not being implemented by Francesco Becchetti.

According to the Rama-Meloni agreement, Italy will build and operate the two centers for immigrants, while in exchange Albania will benefit from 100 million euros in funding.

However, the 100 million euros planned as financial aid for Albania and for the establishment of two centers may end up in the pockets of Francesco Becchetti, if the Italian courts give him the right to the lawsuit he filed for the blocking of these funds when they allocated from Rome to Tirana.

The lawsuit filed by the Italian businessman is accompanied by the decision of the arbitration court of the World Bank. Becchetti claims that the decision is final and binding on the Italian side.

With the same decision, Becchetti also filed a lawsuit in Belgium, where he blocked the accounts of Albcontrol. Albcontrol's income is collected by Eurocontrol, which then distributes it to Albanian society.

Francesco Becchetti won the Arbitration in Washington against Albania. The court found violations in the decision to close Agon Channel and fined Albania 110 million dollars. Together with interest for delays, this figure is currently estimated at about 130 million dollars.

Meanwhile, in parallel with the World Bank Arbitration process, a criminal trial was held in Tirana against Francesco Becchetti on charges of fiscal evasion and money laundering. At the end of this process, the Italian businessman was sentenced to 17 years in prison by the Albanian courts.

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