From the Tower to the former Exhibition to the hydropower plants, SPAK request for the seizure of the staggering assets of the Mata-Breçani mill

2023-11-23 14:19:39Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ervin Mata and Erzen Breçani with his son

SPAK says that it has identified part of the assets of Ervin Mata and Erzen Breçan, which are suspected to have as a source of financing drug trafficking in the countries of the European Union.

For this, as initially announced, the special prosecution has also submitted the request for their seizure. The request must be approved by the court. Experience from similar cases in the past teaches us that in such cases, the court's decision may require time due to the fact that financial investigations are always more difficult.

The special prosecutors have not made public any list of properties, bank accounts, companies and other businesses of persons arrested, or who are wanted as part of this group.

But what is known are some public businesses, especially of Ervin Mata, or his family members. On behalf of Luan Mata, his father is the construction company Victoria Construction, the same company that is building the multifunctional tower with five floors underground and 24 floors above it at the former Exhibition. Also, owned by the Mata family is Hotel Victoria located on Dibra street.

Erzen Breçan's assets, on the other hand, range from companies in the field of hydropower construction to security and physical storage. SPAK has not yet made public the list of assets, but in the absence of them, a calculation of them can be made, starting from the tower to the HPP of Breçan.

Not including the bank accounts that SPAK may have targeted, their value is at least 10 million euros. The figure may sound modest if you take into account the interception of Erzen Breçan, where he tells his son that he 'honestly managed to make 3 million euros'.

With the file attached to the wiretaps, SPAK suggests that the seizure of these properties is just a matter of time...

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