Who is the GJKKO judge who released Jamarbër Malltezi!

2023-11-21 12:28:27Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Sali Berisha/ Iliriana Olldashi/ Jamarbër Malltezi

Iliriana Olldashi, is the judge who examined the case of the former prime minister, Sali Berisha and his son-in-law, J amarbër Malltezi t.

The hearing in the Special Appeal for Berisha and Malltez , which was led by the judge, Iliriana Olldashi, changed the security measure for Jamarbër Malltez from prison arrest to house arrest.

While the lawyer Genc Gjokutaj informed that the security measure for former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has not been changed.

The decision of GJKKO was the first case for changing the measure from prison arrest to house arrest, a decision which has never been taken before since the creation of this court.

This standard of judgment has not been applied to accuse others who have had different accusations, taking the cases of four former mayors, Vangjush Dako, Safet Gjici, Fatos Tushe and Fredi Bejler , and in the case of the former director of RTSH, Thoma Gëllçi, GJKKO has imposed a measure of arrest and imprisonment.

But it seems that the same judge gives even more extreme decisions as in the case of the deputy, Alqi Blako , the latter was released from prison but the judge, Iliriana Olldashi , decided to return him to the cell.

One of the most egregious decisions was the one a short time ago, when Iliriana Olldashi decided to accept the request of the SPAK Prosecutor's Office, to place under sequestration the server of a media outlet, after the editors revealed the scandal of the "Patronazis of the Socialist Party " .

Ilirjana Olldashi, appointed "prison arrest" for the late Enver Sheshi. Sheshi's lawyer had presented the health reasons to the GJKKO of Appeal, but it was rejected by Olldashi.

Some time ago, she was at the center of a scandal that was published by the investigative show "Stop", who accused the much-talked-about judge of blackmail and pressure on journalists who denounce government scandals and people connected to power.

Career and declared wealth of the judge, Iliriana Olldashi

Iliriana Olldashi started her career in the justice system in 2000 as a judge in the Court of Fier, while in 2005 she was appointed a judge in the Court of Serious Crimes in Tirana.

From March 2020 until now, Iliriana Olldashi holds the position of judge in the Special Court of First Instance for Corruption and Organized Crime.

According to the property declarations, which refer to the vetting data, which Olldashi passed successfully in 2019, the judge has a loan of 5 million ALL with a term of 25 years and 3% interest.

By 2014, the judge found that she had repaid ALL 3,742,520 for this loan. While the balance of cash assets in that year was 600,000 ALL. Her salary income as a judge in 2014 was ALL 1,580,145./ VoxNews