It will not be a camp, but a DETENTION center! What is the "BLACK HOLE" that will be built for immigrants in GĐADĖR

2023-11-10 20:34:19Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
A detention center in Italy

The structure that will be built in Gjadër and will host thousands of illegal immigrants from Italy has been called a "migrant center", or even a camp, but in fact it will not be like that at all.

What will be built in Gjadër will be a detention center for immigrants who have been "expelled", or have been expelled from Italy.

Otherwise known as CPR, Italy itself has 13 such detention centers throughout its territory, starting from Bari, Brindisi, Turin and Milan.

These detention centers have a small capacity, about 100 people each, and in total, ten hold a little more than 1,000 immigrants, according to 2021 statistics, a number that may have increased somewhat due to the large influx during this year.

These detention centers in Italy have become a problem, as experts and international organizations have raised their voice against them, due to cruel conditions and violations of basic human rights in these centers.

The most famous is that of Turin, where numerous incidents and violent protests have occurred. A 19-year-old immigrant from third countries was attacked with a knife by three unidentified people in Italy. After being treated in hospital, he was taken to the Turin CPR where he was placed in isolation. Only a few days later, he was found to have committed suicide in his cell.

Italy has the right to detain any undocumented immigrant and hold them in solitary confinement for up to 120 days, pending a deportation order. Immigrants who are considered among the most violent and who, after arriving in Italy, have committed crimes such as theft, robbery, sexual harassment and others often end up in these detention centers.

This raises the question of whether those immigrants who will come to Albania are those who have been imprisoned for various crimes, are considered a threat to the public or a threat to national security, or those who, as has been said so far, are caught on boats in the waters international, without yet setting foot on the ground.

Also, this overturns the statement of the Minister of the Interior, Taulant Balla, who said that 1 camp will be built in Albania, similar to the 3000 that Italy has. It is actually 1 detention center similar to the 13 of which Italy has, and which will have twice the capacity of all Italy's centers combined.

But this simultaneously overturns the statement of Prime Minister Edi Rama, who said that immigrants whose asylum requests are being processed will stay in Albania. In fact, only those who no longer have a chance for asylum and have already been deported end up in these centers.

Detention centers in Italy have received the nickname "black holes" because there is an almost complete lack of transparency about what happens inside them. Members of non-governmental organizations are not allowed to enter these centers to monitor the situation. Detainees have their phones taken away as soon as they enter and are only allowed a short time to contact their families, and this under police supervision. Also, it has often been reported that detainees go 2 or 3 meals without eating, because inside these centers there are food machines with money, and if they don't have money, they can go whole days without eating.