"Rama is behaving more and more authoritarian", Austrian newspaper: Dirty deal!

2023-11-27 12:44:13Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

"Migration centers in Albania are a dirty deal", writes the Austrian newspaper Der Standard in an article dedicated to the Rama-Meloni agreement for the treatment of immigrants in Albania.

In the article authored by Adelheid Wölfl , it is said that sometime in 2018, Herbert Kickl, at that time the Minister of the Interior of Austria, tried to convince Albania to set up a camp for the deportees, but it was rejected.

At that time, Prime Minister Edi Rama emphasized: "Albania will never be the place where very rich countries create camps to throw immigrants." Now things are definitely different, writes the newspaper.

"Three weeks ago, Rama signed a protocol with his Italian counterpart Giorgia Meloni that would bring migrants from the Mediterranean to Albania to then be held in "administrative detention" in "immigration processing centers". Their future is not even defined in the agreement.

According to the lawyers, the Meloni-Rama Protocol is illegal and unconstitutional for many reasons, such as because it violates the sovereignty of the Albanian state.

"Rama is behaving more and more authoritarian", Austrian newspaper:

Rama, who is behaving more and more authoritarian in Albania, presented all this as an honor, because in 1997 Italy accepted many Albanians who were fleeing violence and anarchy. In Albania in particular, however, it is important that the rule of law is not further violated by dirty agreements like the one with Italy", writes the newspaper.

"Rama is behaving more and more authoritarian", Austrian newspaper:

The newspaper further states that " For the EU, the rule of law in the candidate countries should be the main priority. The idea of ??clarifying the status of immigrants extraterritorially also failed in the Supreme Court in Great Britain. The Constitutional Court of Tirana must now prevent this nonsense "./ Der Standard