Ervin Mata rival with Dritan Rexhepin/ SKY intercepts, they were interested in the fate of Vlonjat

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Ervin Mata / Dritan Rexhepi

Dedan Gjoni, the head of crime in the sixth police station, gave information to the structured criminal group regarding the attempts to extradite Dritan Rexhepi, who was referred to by the nickname 'Vlonjati'.

In the investigative file of SPAK, it is said that in September 2020, through the SKY application, Dedan Gjon was asked to verify in the Interpol system some people who could have problems with Interpol, which is the system where persons from states of different.

Dedan Gjoni, not having access to this system himself, has assured them that he will carry out the verification, but not himself, and as it turns out later, the verification was carried out by Jonida Babameto, the Interpol officer.

On September 20 of that year, Gjoni informs the members of this criminal group that Dritan Rexhepi or 'Vlonjati' will be extradited to Albania as soon as he finishes his work in Ecuador. Gjoni adds that according to the information received from Interpol, Dritan Rexhepi is also wanted by the Belgian and Italian authorities.

The following conversation shows a rivalry between this group and the much-wanted Dritan Rexhepi. In the time period when the conversations were recorded, Dedan Gjoni was appointed as a police officer in the Local Police Directorate of Elbasan.

Ervin Mata rival with Dritan Rexhepin/ SKY intercepts, they were interested in
Ervin Mata's group messages

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