Agron Neza: My meeting with Rama and the former FBI official and the friendship I had with Berisha

2023-01-25 20:40:33Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Agron Neza, Edi Rama and Sali Berisha

Agron Neza, the Albanian-American citizen who is mentioned in the investigative file for the former FBI official, Charles McGonigal, has reacted in a letter to the Albanian media, giving his clarifications.

Neza writes that she met Prime Minister Edi Rama in 2017 at the Prime Minister's office, through the former FBI official, McGonigal, whom she had as a friend.

Afterwards, he says he met several more times with the head of the Albanian government, as he emphasized that he has never discussed business matters with him.

Neza calls former Prime Minister Sali Berisha's accusations that the money was for lobbying the government against him as slander. Among other things, Neza points out that his father was one of Berisha's closest friends.

The full letter of the Albanian-American Agron Neza:

I did not intend to deal with Sali Ram Berisha nor with his statements, but I see that he is making a mess of the entire Albanian media and public wherever he is, and at the same time he is trying to throw mud.

Even in September of last year 2021, in a show that I don't remember the name of, my name was dedicated to more than 40 percent of the show, bringing a journalist from Kosovo, defaming in the lowest way without any human ethics and so on more journalism.

I wanted to react to Sali Berisha since then, as many of my friends, but also of Sali Berisha, told me that Saliu instigated it, but also someone else.

I just wanted to tell the public, but also Milaim and Sali Berisha that Ali Iber Neza, one of the founders of the Albanian League of Prizren and Deputy Commander of Hero Sylejman Vokshi, is my grandfather's uncle. Ali Ibra has two busts made in honor of his figure; one in Gjakova and Sali Berisha was also present at the inauguration and the other in Tropoja, where Sali Berisha was born, but Saliu did not participate here for reasons known to him.

My father, Bajram Neza, who was one of Saliu's closest friends, was one of the leaders of Tropoja from the beginning of the 70s until 1987 and sometime in 1983-1984. The UDB tried to kill him precisely because of his patriotism and the love he had for Kosovo, where he was always mentioned in every activity.

Whereas I, Agron Bajram Neza, accused by Milaimi and Berisha, worked in the years 1991-1992 in the Albanian Intelligence Directorate, in the Kosovo sector, giving my contribution to the Kosovo issue. The people who worked with me, both in Albania and Kosovo in those years, know.

Now I'm going back to the events of these days, where Sali Ram Berisha is talking about what he's talking about, he's telling me that I'm the Albanian James Bond, that I didn't leave anything undone.

I am clarifying like Sali Berisha that for his political and personal interests he is ready to slander everything and go even further if he can, he has dark records in the field of slander. Also, I am explaining to journalists, opinionists, analysts and our beloved Albanians wherever they are, and this will be my last reaction that:

I was introduced to the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama sometime in the fall of 2017 through my friend Charles McGonigal, former Director of the FBI's Counterintelligence Office for New York, in the building of the Prime Minister's Office, a meeting that lasted probably less than two minutes.

After this meeting, I met several more times and there were other people in these meetings. I cannot say that the Prime Minister of Albania is my friend, nor am I his friend except as an acquaintance. I have never discussed business or money matters with Prime Minister Rama, and I can also say the same about his staff, with whom I can get to know, as I know and have friends from PD, PR, PSD, PL and other parties in Albania.

Regarding the problem that Sali Ram Berisha is talking about, slandering that the money I gave to my friend Charles McGonigal is the money of Prime Minister Edi Rama or his people, this is categorically not true.

I am convinced that Prime Minister Rama learned the issue of giving money from the press at the same time as Sali Berisha and everyone else. That ends the matter about the money I gave to Charles McGonigal.

Agron Neza, January 25, 2023, New Jersey