The scandal continues/ For 2 months, there has been no investigation against Ahmetaj, the prosecutors who diverted the investigations are now confronting GJKKO

2023-01-23 16:22:14Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Prosecutors Klodian Braho and Ened Nakuçi and Arben Ahmetaj

About 2 months have passed since the denunciation and the decision of the special prosecutor, Alfred Shehu, who refused to initiate investigations against his two SPAK colleagues, Klodian Braho and Eneid Nakuçi, under the suspicion that they have hidden the evidence that shows Klodian Zoto's payments to Arben Ahmetaj.

Citing the procedural acts of his two colleagues, prosecutor Shehu says that the file is still under investigation and implies that Arben Ahmetaj could be included in this file.

The two prosecutors of the file, Klodian Braho and Eneid Nakuçi, were also defended with the same argument, after the journalist Adriatik Doçi filed a complaint against them for abuse of office and concealment of evidence implicating Arben Ahmetaj. Citing procedural decision-making, such as dividing the file into four acts, the two prosecutors publicly implied that Ahmetaj was under investigation.

But, more than a fact, citing the division of the file into four acts turns out to be an alibi set up by them. The fact is that neither Arben Ahmetaj as an individual, nor the Ministry of Economy and Entrepreneurship, which was in charge at the time it was signed for the Elbasan incinerator, was investigated in any of the acts.

The suspicions that the division of the file was used by the two prosecutors Braho and Nakuçi to hide the evidence implicating Arben Ahmetaj, are reinforced by the fact that in the seized computer of Klodian Zoto, they found the payments that the latter made for hotel accommodation with five stars of Etleva Kondi, former director in the Ministry of Energy and member of the commission for evaluating offers for incinerators.

In the same equipment seized from them were also the invoices that Klodian Zoto paid for the same purposes to Arben Ahmetaj. In this case, logically, we are dealing with evidence of equal value for the investigation.

Prosecutors Braho and Nakucci included in the file the documents of Etleva Kondi, but not those of Arben Ahmetaj. Today, Etleva Kondi was charged by SPAK, while Arben Ahmetaj was not only not charged, but was not even summoned to be questioned at least by the two prosecutors.

The investigation into diversion of evidence has already reached the Special Court, where this institution is expected to examine whether the 2 prosecutors Braho and Nakuçi have hidden the compromising facts against Ahmetaj. Meanwhile, even though 2 months have passed since the denunciation, surprisingly Arben Ahmetaj has not yet been summoned to be questioned by SPAK prosecutors./Tch