What did Basha say about all this gas? Gjekmarkaj has tears in his eyes from laughing in the studio. Salianji: We will become memes! (VIDEO)

2023-09-22 11:52:02Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Laughter accompanied the statement of MP Lulzim Basha saying "good luck in the anti-American bunker" to the MPs who joined the Bardhi-Berisha table.

It was MPs Agron Gjekmarkaj and Ervin Salianji, who couldn't contain their laughter in the "Open" studio at "News 24".

"We're dealing with a character who acts like he's not. He behaves like the leader of the DP and the opposition, he behaves as if he has something in hand. You saw how he said "good luck, he said, they can't fight DP". So this is the great one who shows us the roads, who cuts the slopes. Don't bring this out to us now (Basha's statement) because we will become a meme", said Salianji.

"There is a piece the size of a walnut left there and it says 'I'm PD, don't mess with PD, let them go the whole way.' How the hell can I hold back my laughter because I can't do it", said Gjerkmarkaj as he accompanied every word with laughter.