Basha's votes are not enough, the Assembly cannot pass the law on increasing the salaries of Constitutional Court judges

2023-09-21 20:45:53Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
View from today's parliamentary session

The Assembly has not been able to vote for the second time in a row the amendments to the law on the Constitutional Court, which provides for the salary increase for the judges of this body.

Despite the agreement given by Lulzim Basha's group, the initiative was removed from the agenda when it was determined that 84 votes could not be met in the hall.

The qualified majority, the Assembly achieved the approval of some changes in the law on citizenship. This initiative was approved with 95 votes in favor and 1 against.

As for the draft decision to extend the term of the Special Commission for Electoral Reform by six months, it was approved with 77 votes in favor and two against Bujar Leskaj and Petri Doda.

Regarding the salary increase for the judges of the Constitutional Court, according to the democratic deputies, such a decision creates an imbalance with the judges of this institution and the judges of the Court Against Organized Crime.

This draft law has also been contested by deputy Fatmir Xhafa. At the meeting of the Committee for Legal Affairs, on September 12, Xhafaj contested the draft law through a series of questions addressed to the representatives of the Ministry of Justice, while emphasizing that with these changes, the members of the Constitutional Court would receive twice the salary of the members of the Supreme Court .

"Do you know any case when the Constitutional Court has sentenced someone to life imprisonment? What about the fact that the judges of the Constitutional Court have given up their privacy and are conditional on a number of rights and freedoms recognized by the constitution, that you equate them in this way?", he asked, among other things.