Balla: We will stop nitrous oxide balloons!

2023-09-21 12:50:52Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Taulant Balla

The Minister of the Interior, Taulant Balla, has stated that the State Police will stop using nitrous oxide balloons.

Although there is no specific law that prohibits it, as long as they entered Albania by paying customs, Balla said that it will be based on several conventions that qualify this substance as a drug.

 "The police are basing their action on the lack of legislation that will be brought to Parliament very soon to classify this form of nitrogen oxide as an illegal substance, even though the law has allowed it. He entered Albania paying customs. It should be placed under the control of the state for the way it is used", said Balla in the floor of the Assembly.

For this reason, he had a call to the opposition.

"Let's all take this security package to schools together. I request the support of the Assembly for the security package in schools. I think that a better future is at risk for young Albanians if we do not intervene today with force against narcotics.

I believe that the deputies of the assembly will support the changes that we want to guarantee that every criminal who approaches the schools will receive a much harsher punishment", said Balla.