Rama: Albania leaves the European Championship with their heads held high, they played the best football ever

2024-06-24 23:38:05Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Rama: Albania leaves the European with its head held high

Leaving the European with our heads held high. This is how Prime Minister Edi Rama assessed Albania's progress in Euro 2024, which was eliminated from the European Championship tonight after losing 1 to 0 with Spain.

"THANK YOU. From the fastest goal of the Europeans to the last second of this European, the Red National accomplished its impossible mission by playing the best football ever in its history and with the fantastic support of the red and black wave of the 12th Player.

Today our young team with a very promising potential leaves this European with its head held high, to return to the field further with a very valuable experience, which was completely lacking against three of the biggest football powers that they were faced with a small Albania, but with dignity that cannot be denied by anyone", writes Rama on social networks.

In the group stage, Albania lost the first match 2-1 with Italy, drew 2 with Croatia and lost the last match 1-0 with Spain.