"The Balkans should enter the EU before Ukraine", Tajani: Membership should happen before 2030

2024-06-24 22:10:43Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Antonio Tajani

The Western Balkans should join the European Union before Ukraine. This is what Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani thinks, who said he hopes this will happen before 2030.

During the meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg, the Italian chief diplomat asserted that Brussels is ready to support Ukraine in every sector, but as far as integration is concerned, the Western Balkans is at the forefront...

"Before Ukraine, there are many countries of the Western Balkans. We have to go further and I hope for full membership for the countries of the region before 2030, and then we have to work with Ukraine and Moldova," Serbian media quoted Tajani as saying.

Thus, the Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Donika Gërvalla, asked for concrete actions to preserve peace and stability in the Western Balkans during the meeting of the "Friends of the Balkans" group in Vienna.