Does Rama control justice? Ndreca collides with Zheji

2023-12-11 23:04:25Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Plarent Ndreca,

Plarent Ndreca, part of the panel of the show "Top Story" on Top Channel, said that Prime Minister Edi Rama does not control the justice bodies in the country.

He was opposed by the analyst Artur Zheji regarding the recent statements of the head of the government, who stated that the reform in justice was not brought by America, but by the Socialist Party.

Ndreca: I believe that we are not saying that we have overcome the culture of impunity, but we are at a stage where the right message has been given where everyone can be affected, but it is not enough, I say, this is the first stage, now comes another stage important, high standards. The more politics tries to interfere with justice with institutional instruments, it endangers its independence. Political messages are the duty of politics, what are political messages, they are concerns.

Zheji: Justice does not need paternalism, that we created, Rama's doctrine, nor Berisha's doctrine that says SPAK is a criminal organization, it is an intolerable extreme.

Ndreca: Let me finish, I made it concrete with the message that Rama gave, which was the standards in justice, it is not influencing (politics), it is the same as if a party to the judicial process speaks and influences justice, no, the parties speak, the court takes the decision, it should not influence it, it speaks for the public opinion, for the deputies, for all. Rama also says about his government that it is not perfect, not about another power, the fault that raises sales on the function of any power, does not mean that he does not respect the decision-making of that power. This is the difference between respecting justice and exercising your political function. You will raise concern when it goes off the rails, in any case you must use constitutional instruments. Absurd discussion, every court decision is discussed, its applicability is not discussed, everyone is obliged to implement the court decision, but it is discussed in the chairs, in professional places, in public opinion.