VIDEO/ GALLATA bursts into Parliament, the socialist MP is caught laughing, he can't read the law on Zoom!

2023-12-11 12:33:29Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Jurgis Çyrbja

Parliamentary committees continue the online meeting with zoom in order to avoid scenarios of incidents with the opposition.

At today's meeting of the Law Commission, an incident occurred

The deputy, Jurgis Çyrbja , who was in the capacity of the relator of the law for the ratification of the agreement with Germany, was caught laughing and could not present the law at all.

It seems that Çyrbja is in the office from where he made the online connection with another person who seems to make him laugh.

His laughter has infected all the deputies who had entered the zoom, Çyrbja could not stop laughing until he closed the zoom.