"Behaves on the streets afraid of justice"; "They supported him only from me" - Accusation at a distance between Berisha and Basha

2023-12-11 20:00:30Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Basha and Berisha

The 33rd anniversary of its founding has found the Democratic Party more divided than ever. The official PD of Lulzim Basha and "Rithemelimi" of Sali Berisha have organized two different parties in the capital.

At the Palace of Congresses, Basha was joined to celebrate the DP's birthday by well-known figures such as former President Bamir Topi and founder Rexhep Uka.

Meanwhile, at the Rithemlim ceremony, Berisha was accompanied by his daughter Argita Malltezi, and surprisingly allies such as Fatmir Mediu and Dashamir Shehu were absent, but not PL, which is represented by Silva Caka.

Basha's accusation

In his speech to those present in the hall of the Palace of Congresses, Lulzim Basha could not ignore the fact that the internal war in the DP has caused the 33-year-old to find them divided into two camps.

With a coded message addressed to Sali Berisha, he said that many democrats have been disappointed by those to whom they have given a lot over the years and who are now wandering the streets fearing justice.

"No one will ever be able to tarnish the historic event of the establishment of the DP. No one and never will be able to erase the sacrifice of its founders. Gratitude for life to the students and founders of PD. The Democratic Party is the party of the free Albanian society. I know that on this anniversary we are not where we wanted to be. I know that in this anniversary we do not have everyone by our side. I know that many of the people who worked and contributed to the party are not here with us. I know that in this anniversary we have been disappointed by many for whom we have only given in these years. I know that on this anniversary, a part of us still walks the streets blinded by personal interest, afraid of the judgment of history, afraid of the hand of justice."

Against Berisha's accusation

While Sali Berisha, while speaking on the occasion of the 33rd anniversary of the Democratic Party, did not spare the accusations against what has been described as his "political son", former president Lulzim Basha.

The head of Reestablishment emphasized that for the Democratic Party, the most difficult years have been 2013 (the year when he left politics after losing the elections) and 2021 (the year when he was declared non grata and returned to active political life).

"Today I was talking with a colleague of mine. He tells me, I understand, those I meet tell us that we supported Lulzim Basha because of the doctor. It's true, I tell him. That's the reality."

According to Berisha, the situation in which the country currently finds itself, "has its roots in the transition of leadership from idealistic to a leadership of amoral bargains."

"It was leading this de facto political force to its moral extinction. Towards her transfiguration into a force that was not supposed to exist.”

The former prime minister declared that his predecessor, during the time he had the reins of the Democratic Party in his hand, did not protect the interests of the opposition people, nor the national one.

As in the National Assembly held a few days ago, Gazment Bardhi and his deputies were absent from the organization of the Reestablishment.