He was seriously insulted publicly, Beatrix will sue Albano Bogdon (REACTION)

2023-10-03 08:05:23Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

If he wanted attention for the new show, he got it, but some say not in the right way.

We are talking about Albano Bogdo's joke to Alban and Beatrix Ramosaj. The joke which turned into a "boomerang" since there are many well-known people or even simple commentators who have "condemned" his action.

The day before, in her reaction, the aunt of Albani and Trixa, Albërije Hadërgjonaj mentioned the Criminal Code of Albania, implying some legal action by the artists against Albano.

Because with the last post, Albërija has hinted that Beatrix will turn to the legal authorities.

Hadërgjonaj shared a comment that he sent to a follower who wrote that a public apology no longer matters if the damage has been done.

In this comment it is said that Beatrix should file a complaint. "If I were in Beatrix's place, I would get a lawyer and file a lawsuit for defamation and defamation" - it is said among other things there.

"That's how it will happen!" - answers Albërija.