Intimate video / Florjan Binaj gives the alarm: It's Artificial Intelligence! Alarm bells for all daughters, sisters and mothers

2023-10-02 16:04:24Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Comedy actor Florjan Binaj

The well-known comedian, Florjan Binaj, has reacted after the circulation of an intimate video where it is hinted that the protagonist is the moderator Luana Vjollca.

Binaj says that the video was fabricated by artificial intelligence, which he says is a wake-up call to all sisters, daughters, wives and mothers whose dignity is compromised by such technology that is available for free and can be used by anyone.

The actor calls for special legislation to curb this technology.

Binaj's reaction:

A few days ago, an intimate video was released where it was assumed that she was one of the most popular and followed presenters of Albanian TV... 1 day later, the same video with a different portrait was released.

Kio is an alarm bell for the future of all girls, sisters, mothers, ladies and young ladies whose dignity, honor, family, profession, life is endangered by the malicious use of Artificial Intelligence to make them feel bad, ask for money or just to publicly humiliate you!!!

With so many perverts and maniacs in circulation, free artificial intelligence programs that can be downloaded on any mobile phone, no one is protected if the market does not compile a law for every creation, the use of artificial intelligence becomes recognizable with an inscription (watermark) to distinguish from real videos and punish the misuse of this technology by law, our society will suffer the biggest blow and wound in its history!

We must act as soon as possible, compile a legal framework that will be undermined or we will only have to pay the irreversible damages with human lives, where unfortunately, girls are the first victims of these Iloj samples!!!