'Storm' for Capricorn and disappointment for..., horoscope signs that will not find peace in October

2023-10-02 19:42:37Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Horoscope signs that will not find peace in October

The month of October is predicted to be difficult in terms of cosmic aspects.

In the ranking of the month for "Rudina", Meri Shehu warns of strong changes, spiritual winter for some signs, obligations to repay and show caution.

12- The goat

Venus will enter Virgo and will give you an advantage, but this will happen after the 10th and onwards. They are one of the 4 cardinal signs that will be in the eye of the storm in October and will face career issues, the law, combinations, sudden change but stronger than they can manage and it will not be in their hands. They will be forced to change jobs, homes, environment and society, which will put them in big dilemmas for their progress. The full moon in Aries was given to some family problems. They take the yield of October calmly.

11- Taurus

Until the 10th, they have huge expenses that even Venus in Virgo can't cover. These can also be karmic and spiritual expenses. Somewhere they have a debt and will be forced to return something. They are not frugal, but they are used to others taking the first step and have a stronger heart. Strong heart and this winter in the middle of October will affect them especially in work and economic relations.

10- Aries

They passed the full moon, I don't know what spiritual apocalypse they undertook, are they still in great revelations in their lives. In the field of relationships, marriages, collaborations, we have a slightly difficult, violent month that forces them to sign even when they don't want to. A work separation with economic consequences may occur around October 10, so they should take into account what they sign and the contracts they make. In the erotic field, a cooler period begins after the 10th.

9- Fishes

Venus on the 9th-10th in front of their sign in Virgo will warm up their souls cooled by Saturn, especially those born on the first 10th day. Saturn in the sign of Pisces has done its job, it has hardened some relationships. Venus comes to sweeten them but this will be a little difficult because Venus cannot win with Saturn, it is a strong bullet in the sense of giving sensitivities, so for them this month will be difficult to pave the way they want.

8- Sagittarius

They will suffer the consequences of Venus in Virgo, so be careful about your career, work, future and investments. Everything they can do has a very strict critic, Saturn does not forgive their mistakes and although this month from many planets in Libra seems to give them warmth and charm, in the end Saturn seals and is harsher than it should be. Do not be upset, but it is the moment to put their affairs in order.

7- The twins

The new moon on the 14th and the solar eclipse that is very powerful will give you a space to travel and contact outside, even this will be one of the only ways, a combination to take a new space. As for family matters, they remain discussed and we may have sudden separation, deepening of contradictions in relationships that have not yielded results. Venus and Saturn will block feelings in some spaces. Beware of mandatory changes coming in legal aspects.

6- The crab

A very powerful end of September passed with the full moon, apocalypse and big developments. The new moon in Libra will make them change the place, the house, something in their daily life, so it must be seen if they will start with a coexistence, a new family plan, they will want others to make a psychological attack on them to make decisions if they are hiding somewhere. It's time to open up and be bolder in front of the world.

5- Lion

Venus leaves their sign and begins a powerful economic period in terms of spending and blockages after the 10th with the Venus-Neptune confrontation. There will be disappointment, a decrease in productivity in economic matters and many Lions will think that what they had achieved was nothing compared to what they have to program for the future, so they must be careful in economic and work matters.

4- Scorpio

Mars after the 13th and Mercury after the 21st enters Scorpio and will receive vitality, developments and powerful movements. They will give great tones but at the moment their spiritual world is very tense, they are looking for a big change in their life and they want to rise higher.

3- Aquarius

Many planets in Libra bring great changes to others, but Aquarians seem to be managing these spiritual blockages and altered virtuality in the realms of communication. They will get many opportunities in love, but they must deeply change their inner goals and get rid of past fears and phobias.

2- Virgin

Venus enters your sign and your life in love, economy will be embellished. Be careful directly after the 10th because the opposition with Saturn will put you under a great test or obligation, but you should not panic. If they pass it, it will be a very positive month and they will act in a practical and pragmatic way.

1- Libra

They are in their month, they have many planets in their sign. The changes come from Libra, but there will be powerful, violent changes that must be controlled well in themselves and others, but events will occur that will see the month of October as the most important of this year. With these important events, something big will change in their lives.