'I gave my heart to Edi Rama'/ Zogu i Tirana: No more backward, always forward!

2023-09-26 15:14:20Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Edi Rama/ Bird of Tirana

In connection with the " Aldo Morning Show ", Zogu i Tirana made an analysis of the economic and social situation in the country.

He says that prices have increased and money is not enough, but on the other hand people have become more open-minded. According to him, this is an impetus for other changes.

Zogu i Tirana: Actually, at the moment we are talking, the situation in Albania is a bit weak. The prices are expensive, the money is not enough, there is the rent of the house, electricity, water, head shampoo, body shampoo, lines, there are many things that you have to buy and they are costs.

Aldo: Why don't you use lines more man? What do you use that I have the idea, but that's not the point.

Zogu i Tirana: We also cover women.

The bird of Tirana: The Albanian economy has suffered an economic decline.

Aldo: How does the Zogu economy come into play, what do you think?

Zogu i Tirana: The economy, in fact, in the moments we are talking about, Albania has changed a lot. People don't want to know anymore, we are no longer backward, racism, sexual orientation or anything else is no longer visible.

Aldo: No, the sexual orientation is no longer visible, it's true.

The bird of Tirana: We are free to do what we want, don't kill your mind, life is short, put a light mind or heart. More or less, because I left it halfway, those who start the day first are the bakers, but also the street dogs who dig in the garbage cans to eat some bread, oh life because those in the desert are very hungry.

Aldo: Bird, let's remove the expression o life, eliminate it.

The bird of Tirana: Even if we leave it only in front, not back, so the heart is no longer behind. Only straight.

Aldo: I'll talk to you when you want, no problem. Do not worry.

Aldo: Okay, I agree, wherever you want my heart, we said it once. Don't tell us anymore.

Zogu i Tirana: I am with Edi Rama my dear, amen, amen oh God for Edi Rama. He is the best prime minister, I ate his heart, we move forward, no, there is no going back. Back no more.

Aldo: Wherever you want, my heart, the important thing is that you are well.