Croatia passes the law, whoever abandons animals goes to prison

2024-04-03 13:10:34Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

In Croatia, changes to the Penal Code have entered into force, along with long-awaited positive changes in the protection of animals.

Abandonment of a domestic or wild animal is reported to the police or to the state's municipal prosecutor's office.

The penalty is up to one year in prison, or up to two years if the abandonment caused the death of an animal or a large number of them were abandoned.

Penalties for the criminal offense of killing and torturing animals are increased by imprisonment of up to two years or up to three years if these criminal offenses are committed for profit.

Also, abusers and killers of animals can be punished with a security measure that prohibits keeping and buying animals, for a period starting from one to five years.

All the aforementioned punishments are suggestions that the "Friends of Animals" association has sent to the Ministry of Justice and Administration during the work on changes to the Criminal Code.

Citizens will no longer have to wait to see if the veterinary inspection will respond to an abandonment complaint, but can immediately report anyone who abandons an animal to the police.