"Death is liberation"/ The story of the 28-year-old woman who will end her life in May through euthanasia in the Netherlands!

2024-04-03 12:20:33Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

A 28-year-old from the Netherlands has decided to undergo euthanasia next month due to severe psychological problems that she says are making her life unbearable.

Zoraya ter Beek spoke to The Free Press about her controversial decision, but she later criticized the media for its journalistic treatment of her case, even accusing the columnist of omitting part of her statements and misrepresenting the truth. .

In her post yesterday, the girl announced that she will be closing her Twitter account sooner than she thought because of the ignorant and hateful messages she is receiving after the case was published, confirming however that April will be the last month of her life if all goes well with her plans.

"It was an honor to offer knowledge to people who were open to learning," she wrote in her farewell post.

According to The Free Press, Zoraya ter Beek, who lives in a small Dutch town near the German border, once dreamed of becoming a psychologist. However, he never managed to finish school or start a career, as the depression he had been dealing with for many years, combined with autism and other problems, sabotaged his every step. 

"Now she's tired of living, even though she says she's in love with her boyfriend, a 40-year-old developer, and lives in a nice house with her two cats."

According to the report, the 28-year-old decided to die after the psychiatrist told her there was nothing more he could do to help her, as they had already tried everything and that things would "never get better for her". At that moment she made her decision. 

"I always knew that if it didn't get better, I wouldn't be able to do it anymore."

The girl talked about the tattoo on her left arm, the tree of life. "Although this tree usually symbolizes growth and new beginnings, my tree is the opposite. It loses its leaves, it dies. And after his death, the bird flies away. I don't see it as the departure of the soul, but more like my release from life."

"Deliverance", as she calls death, will come to her home, in the presence of the doctor who will help her. The 28-year-old wants it to happen on her sofa, without music. Zoraya ter Beek described how her TFP messaging process will work. "The doctor is not in a hurry. He doesn't come in and say "please lie down!" Most of the time it is preceded by a cup of coffee to calm the nerves and create a peaceful atmosphere. He will then ask me if I am ready. I will go to my place on the sofa. He'll ask me again if I'm sure and then start the process and wish me a safe trip. Or, in my case, good night, because I hate the phrase "have a good trip". I'm not going anywhere."

As part of the procedure, the doctor will give ter Beek a sedative, and then a drug that will stop her heart. After she is dead, a special committee will investigate the circumstances of her death, verifying that the doctor met the required standards, and the Dutch government will (in the vast majority of cases) declare the end of her life legal.

Zoraya ter Beek says she asked her boyfriend to be with her until the end. She doesn't want a funeral, as she doesn't have many relatives and thinks her friends won't want to go. Instead, her lover will spread her ashes in a beautiful place in the forest that they have chosen together. "I am a little afraid of death, because it is the absolute unknown. We don't really know what's next, or is there nothing? That's the scary part."

The Free Press reports that the 28-year-old's case joins a growing number of people in the West who choose to die rather than continue to live with pain, despite the pain often being treatable. More and more people are deciding to end their lives because they suffer from mental health problems such as depression or anxiety, compounded by economic uncertainty, the influence of social media and other issues, notes the columnist, whose approach drew outrage 28-year-old ter Beek. "He rushed my story, took my words out of context, I don't even have borderline personality disorder," the girl wrote in an angry post after the article was published.

The Netherlands became the first country in the world to legalize assisted suicide in 2001. In 2022, there were 8,720 euthanized deaths in the country, which is about 5% of all deaths in the country, according to the New York Post. Last February, 93-year-old former Dutch Prime Minister Dries van Agt and his wife died hand in hand by euthanasia.