"I risk the lawyer"! How Strasbourg rejected the claim of former prosecutor Antoneta Sevdari

2024-02-18 15:39:19Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Antoneta Sevdari

After leaving office, former prosecutor and former member of the High Council of Prosecutors, Antoneta Sevdari, turned to the European Court of Human Rights, where she won the process with the state, as it was considered that the procedures for her dismissal only had been violated. .

The dismissal was essentially based on the fact that she was unable and unwilling to prove that her husband had paid taxes on a portion of his earnings from private activities in the past two decades. Therefore, the Strasbourg Court recommended reopening the process to conduct a more in-depth investigation and review the KPA's decision only to dismiss her.

However, this case belonged to only one of the requests that was brought before this Court by the former prosecutor Ms. Sevdari, as in other requests, not only did the Strasbourg Court not accept them, but it turns out that false statements were given by the former prosecutor as she relied on false facts, being aware that they were such.

In the Petition addressed to the Strasbourg Court, the former prosecutor Antoneta Sevdari claimed that she had not been able to and was prohibited from exercising the profession as a "lawyer" after the completion of the re-evaluation process. This claim turned out to be untrue and the opposite has been proven, as it turned out that in fact, the former prosecutor, after being dismissed from office, immediately began to practice the profession as a "lawyer" and even, she was presented to the general public, in the Albanian media as such for many issues of its clients.

The ECHR has assessed that the submission of incomplete, and therefore misleading, information may cause abuse of the right to make a request before this Court, and the former prosecutor has tried to claim and win on such a fraudulent argument against the Albanian state. After reviewing the case file, the ECtHR added that the petitioner's submissions could have been clearer regarding the fact that in practice, she had started working as a lawyer very soon after her dismissal as a prosecutor, therefore her complaint was ultimately unfounded.

The above case is not the only case where the former prosecutor requests the "sequestration" of large sums from the Albanian state. In fact, past cases have become reality! It was precisely the "sensational" case of Italian entrepreneur Francesco Beçhetti, former owner of the Italian-Albanian television platform Agon, against whom former prosecutor Antoneta Sevdari issued an arrest warrant and endless seizure requests, despite the fact that the criminal file was incomplete and in significant lack of documentation and unproven facts, which cost the Albanian state and its taxpayers over 120 million euros in fines including damages, costs and accrued interest.

Even the Arbitration in its decision on the review of the request raised by the Italian entrepreneur against the Albanian state has strongly supported the conclusion that the investigation had significant flaws in the factual basis for the claims that supported this criminal investigation by the former prosecutor Antoneta Sevdari. When called upon by INTERPOL to justify the charges supporting the arrest warrants, Albania failed to do so. So, these warnings started during the criminal investigation, before the Arbitration process started, which would cost the Albanian state millions of euros. The former prosecutor was aware and had been warned by INTERPOL and the Italian authorities that the criminal investigation was flawed, and yet the deficiencies and serious violations of the investigative procedures escalated further, causing a huge "debt" of millions of euros to this country.

These serious violations, especially the sequestration requests issued by the former prosecutor of the case, Antoneta Sevdari, turned into a "boomerang". The Italian entrepreneur Francesco Beçhetti has recently announced his decision to seize all amounts "up to approximately 135 million euros" to the Albanian state. For this stupidity and for this flawed procedure, Albanians must pay these millions of euros without any guilt.

And as if such a debt was not enough, once again the former prosecutor Sevdari tried to "throw it" before the ECHR by deceiving in her request that the Albanian state forbade her to practice the profession of lawyer after being dismissed from her duties as a prosecutor. . Such a claim would be a very serious violation by the Albanian state to the international obligations it must implement, which would put it at risk for other staggering "debts". Fortunately, this claim was investigated and proven by the ECtHR to be untrue and a fraudulent argument against the Albanian state.


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