Scandal at Police Station No. 6, the police refuse to perform their duty; The minor leaves Albania without her mother's permission

2024-02-18 09:27:20Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Police Station building no. 6 in Tirana

The Elbasan police were forced to correct themselves and announce the arrest of a 40-year-old man in Elbasan on the charge of on-duty assault. The correction took place four days late and only after the case was made public in the media.

But, this is not the only case when negligence, incompetence or even corruption in the ranks of the blue uniforms undermines the implementation of the law and threatens to turn into drama and social tragedy.

Such a drama is the case of a 41-year-old woman with the initials Xh.Lika, mother of a 12-year-old girl and a 14-year-old son. She is in the process of divorcing her husband, E. Lika, 44 years old, since 2020. There is no final decision of the Albanian courts regarding custody of the children and that both children after the separation of their parents chose to live with their mother.

This until February 5 of this year. On this date, E. Lika appeared at the school of the two children, 'Andrea Stefani' in Tirana, before the lesson started. He meets the girl, 12 years old, who then takes her in the car through blackmail, the threat of fraud. First, he told her that they would have a coffee.

But then, according to the girl's mother's complaint, he introduced the 12-year-old to his lawyer, while at the same time he took procedural steps to get her a new passport, even though the girl had one valuable Albanian property that was owned by her mother.

41-year-old Xh.Lika was informed on February 5 by the girl's guardian teacher that she had not shown up for class. After her interest, the 14-year-old boy informed her that the girl had driven away with her father.

The concern, as she says, was not the meeting of the girl with her father, as she has never stopped this. The concern was the fear that, under threat and blackmail, he could take her with him to Italy, where he lives. The 41-year-old woman bases this concern on the fact that in November last year, it was the girl herself who called her and informed her that her father had appeared at school and that she was afraid that he would take her by force.

For this reason, she appeared on February 6, 7 and 8 at Police Station No. 6 in Tirana to report the kidnapping of her daughter. After explaining the entire course of events, she asked the police officer in charge at this police station, Malbora Gorica, to start the procedures and issue a notice at the border exit points so that her daughter does not leave the country without her mother's authorization.

The 41-year-old says she was willing to give this authorization if it was her daughter's choice, and the only thing she wanted was to be able to meet her before she left and be convinced that leaving with her father was really a voluntary choice. freedom of her 12-year-old daughter and not the product of her father's blackmail, threats or deception.

But her report to the police was ignored, dragged on, belittled and neglected. On February 8, the police officer, Malbora Gorica, says that she referred the file to police station number 3 in Tirana, as it has the subject matter competence of the case.

41-year-old Xh. Lika appeared on the same date at this police station to be informed about the report made. However, the employees of police station number 3 tell her that they had not received any file-report from police station number 6 regarding her case.

The police did not take it over and on February 9, after having declared his daughter's existing passport lost and issuing a new one with accelerated procedures, the citizen E. Lika leaves with her to Italy.

The exit point was from Rinas Airport, where E. Lika passed with his daughter without any problems, even without her mother's approval. Regarding the case, citizen Xh. Lika says that she submitted to the Police Supervision Agency a denunciation for abuse of duty by the police officers of police station number 6 in Tirana and a report to the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana against her husband and State Police employee, Malbora Gorica.

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