Rama, Nano and Meta, sensational DIVORCES of socialist PRIME MINISTERS!

2024-06-21 12:02:55Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Prime ministerial couples: Edi Rama-Matilda Makoçi, Fatos Nano-Rexhina Nano and Ilir Meta-Monika Kryemadhi

The former Prime Minister and at the same time the former President  Ilir Meta  has admitted this Thursday (June 20) that he has started the legal procedures for the dissolution of the marriage with his wife M onika Kryemadhi .

The well-known couple with the longest career in politics have been married for 25 years (November 1998) and have 3 children, 2 daughters and 1 son. 

Meta thus becomes the third prime minister of the post-communist government to divorce and all belong to the Socialist Party.

The most sensational divorce so far was that of former Prime Minister  Fatos Nano  who, also like Meta, declared in a television interview in 2001 that he was divorcing his wife and mother of his two children,  Rexhina Nano .

He said then on the show "Opinion" that his marriage of 27 years had come to an end.

"I have initiated the divorce proceedings. I formalized my unfortunately irreversible stay with the court. They are reasons for interweaving my family life with suffering, joy, consumption and the effect of politics and the political career of the leader of the opposition yesterday and the majority today. There are many human reasons that happened, I am sorry that they happened to me and that lead me to the public display of this morality. "I legally and publicly say to a used report, stop", said Nano at that time.

In court, Nano took on the burden of guilt for the separation and only 1 year later he crowned his love with Xhoana Nano, 21 years younger, in a ceremony in the Orthodox Church of Tirana.

Former Prime Minister Nano's divorce and second marriage were much talked about events at the time.

The current Prime Minister Edi Rama is also divorced  . He was only 27 years old in 1991 when he asked for a divorce from actress  Matilda Makoçi , with whom he also has a son, Greg.

Then Rama had a series of marriages and relationships, but none of them lasting. In October 2010, Rama married Linda Basha with whom he also has a son, Zahon./ Lapsi