Who is the RICHEST person in Vlora, "OWNER" of over 300 hectares of land: He works as a gravedigger!

2024-06-20 13:36:27Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Karaburun Peninsula

Two pages of paper in the form of a decision of the Court of Vlora, signed by Thoma Nika , on December 29, 2000, announced the owner of 220 hectares on the Karaburuni peninsula, the undertaker of the city of Vlora, Raimond Mëzin

In the decision, it is argued that in April 1996 the Property Restitution Agency refused to return the property to Raimond Mëzi, thus denying him a constitutional right. 

This decision was conserved for 12 years. In 2012, the area of ??220 hectares was registered in the name of Raimond Mëzi. 

In this period, in Zvrnec, again in the name of the gravedigger, Hipoteka registers another 89 hectares. This time, a decision of the judge executed in a mafia manner in Vlora, Skerdilajd Konomi ,  served as a document for the registration of the property.

For two years in a row, no transaction has been carried out in the name of Raimond Mëzi.

Although almost the richest man in Vlora, with hundreds of hectares of land in the most beautiful area of ??the country, INA Media learned that Mëzi lived in a poor apartment, in the Partizani neighborhood, in Vlora.

On October 2, 2014, at the Local Real Estate Registration Office in Vlora, the property of 220 hectares was divided into two areas. 90 acres and 130 acres.

A week later, on October 10, 2014, Raimond Mëzi's proxy representative, lawyer Enkes Hysendhima, sold 90 hectares to the companies House of Arts and Digitalnetworks for 180,000 euros.

House of Arts is the company of the former socialist deputy, Fidel Ylli, which is managed by Elida Heba and deals with organizing events; while Digitalnetworks is owned by businessman Gerian Kuka, at one time Honorary Consul of El Salvador in Albania.

The remaining part of 130 hectares in Karaburun is exchanged with Artur Shehu - a controversial figure of the transition years in Vlora, who has been living for two decades in Florida, USA.

The exchange contract, executed on December 4, 2014, bears the signatures of Enke Hysendhima, Raimond Mëzi's proxy representative, and Pëllumb Petritaj, Artur Shehu's representative. 

Petritaj divided the property into 4 parts during the period March-October 2015. In March 2015, five hectares were sold for 9 million and 850 thousand lek to Arian Laçi, another controversial businessman, convicted in Italy for drug trafficking ; while in January 2016, Pëllumb Petritaj sold 20 hectares to the businessman from Vlonia, Thodhori Gjiknuri, for 39 million and 600 thousand ALL.

The same fate was suffered by the surface of 89 hectares. All contracts were signed in a short period of time and at the same notary. The time of their registration with third parties was so short. 

When the first operation of the alienation of this surface was completed, the Bodo family, contenders for a piece of land in Karaburun, in January 2016 submitted to the prosecutor's office the denunciation of property alienation.

In February 2016, the prosecutor of Vlora, Albert Kulicaj, orders the arrest of Raimond Mëzi, in whose name the property is registered, of his lawyer, Enkes Hysendhima, of the former employee of the Vlora Mortgage, Blerina Dhrami, of the notary who had carried out the sales transactions, Belona Seraj, as well as Donika Besimaj, responsible for Arshiva in the Court of Vlora; all involved in the document falsification scheme.

In June 2016, the Prosecutor's Office of Vlora also announced the wanted businessman Pëllumb Petritaj, the representative of Artur Shehu, as being involved in this forgery scheme. But, in July 2017, when the prosecution submitted to the court the request for trial, Petritaj and a notary were excluded from the charges.

The genesis of successive forgeries is based on a 1996 decision of the Property Return and Compensation Commission in Vlora, according to which Jakup Mëzit, Raimond Mëzit's father, is granted a 6,600 square meter land area. On top of this document, another false document was produced, which recognizes the Mëzi family as the owner of the 220-hectare area.

The documents show that the area of ??the property, illegally acquired, has been alienated to third parties through fictitious sales contracts.

The owner, in whose name the 309 ha property is registered, Raimond Mëzi, returned to Karaburun and Zvërnec, has never applied to the Property Registration Office or to the court for this property. He stated before the prosecutors that he signed white papers at the notary.

Raimond Mzezi's name was used only to secure the property, which was then sold by Enkes Hysendhima, thanks to a power of attorney.

The gravedigger of the city of Vlora, an orphan, was adopted by Jakup Mëzi, when he was only 1 year old.

In 1994, he requested the Property Compensation and Restitution Agency for the ownership of 61,400 m2 of land in the city of Vlora.

Judge Thoma Nika has stated that he has never developed such a judicial process. The decision of the late judge Konomi, according to the prosecution, is falsified. 

The prosecution even suspects that the entire court file has been falsified. 

The criminal file is in the Court of Appeal, because the Prosecutor's Office of Vlora was dissatisfied with the Court of Fact, which, in March 2018, declared four of the five accused guilty of falsifying the property in Karaburun.

The jury, composed of Albert Spiro, Albana Selmanaj and Laurent Fuçia, declared Raimond Mëzi the main responsible and sentenced him to 18 years in prison.

His lawyer, Enkes Hysendhima, who was accused by the Prosecutor's Office of Vlora as one of the protagonists of land forgery, was declared innocent by the court.

The prosecution had requested Hysendhima's sentence to 24 years in prison./ InaMedia