PROFILE/ Who is the "UNTOUCHABLE" Eldi Dizdari, much wanted by justice, crime and "show business"!

2024-06-11 10:42:04Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Eldi Dizdari

Today, the Special Court of Appeal has upheld the decision to confiscate the assets of Denis Matoshi (Eldi Dizdari), known as one of the biggest drug lords, and wanted in Italy for cocaine trafficking.

On December 22, 2023, 1 apartment, 1 shop, 1 garage and 1 plot of land, 40 thousand euros and 8.2 million lek profited from the expropriation of an asset were confiscated from Eldi Dizdar.

Who is Eldi Dizdari?

Eldi Dizdari, also known as Denis Matoshi, currently resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Initially, he was detained after an international arrest warrant issued by the Italian authorities in the context of the crackdown on the "Los Blancos" group, who trafficked cocaine from Ecuador to Italy and other European Union countries.

But then he was released. Matoshi/Dizdari, according to Italian authorities, is the leader of the Albanian criminal group (BELLO COMPANY) - a transnational organized crime syndicate involved in drug trafficking and smuggling operations between South America and Europe with a value of 350 million euros.

He was arrested in Dubai, but after his release, it is still unclear whether the Italian authorities will continue to request Dizdar's extradition to Florence, where part of the cocaine group recently received sentences from Italian justice, but until now now Italy has no extradition agreement with the United Arab Emirates.

But the activity was not only in Italy with the company "Bello". Dizdari alias Denis Matoshi, is a well-known name in Albania for involvement in drug trafficking, although our authorities never managed to prove his involvement in drug trafficking. He was rumored as one of the names that took part in the gunfight in the former block, but his name was never linked to an official charge by the Prosecutor's Office.

Dizdari's name appeared on the scene even after the arrest of Arbër Cekaj, already sentenced to 14 years in prison for trafficking 613 kilograms of cocaine, which was caught in Maminas in 2018. Dizdari is Cekaj's close cousin and he is now expected to be extradited to Albania .

Marriage with ex-miss and moderator, Suada Sherifi:

However, even though involved in the network of the dark world of crime, Dizdari has not always kept a "low profile", his name was rumored for his marriage to the former miss and moderator, Suada Sherifi.

In 2016, Sherifi declared in an interview that she had found the ideal boy with whom she was ready to marry, thus detaching herself a little from the world of television and devoting herself more to her partner, who for her was "the world". and for others the 'Drug Boss'.

"I was a single girl, I had been alone for a long time and in all the crowd of people trying, I had no interest whatsoever. But I don't know why, but from the first moment he came into my life, I liked him. Was it the enthusiasm I thought I'd never have, or the smile and eyes with hearts I'd lost, the hopes I could have. Everything started naturally, because when there is a good desire, things are very simple, very easy and very beautiful", said Suada years ago.

He was spoken of as a person involved in the event that took place in the former block in 2028, where Fabiol Gaxha died. He had a conflict with Ervin Mata, where it is suspected that the cause was an outstanding debt from citizen Mata.

Clevio's statements about Gensila and Elda Dizdari:

Kleviol Ahmeti, known under the stage name Cllevio Serbiano, has stated that the singer Xhensila Myrtezaj was in a relationship with a cocaine boss.

According to him, this was the reason why Xhensila had separated from her partner Bes Kallaku. The statement prompted an immediate reaction from the singer, who rejected any allusion and said she would pursue legal action.

"I just started a video that a Tik-Tok monster with the most depraved fantasy has muddied my name, with people I don't know, and I've never even heard their name. Garbage that uses a delicate media moment to weave your intrigues and lies," Xhensila wrote.

Further, the rapper also mentioned the Albanian wanted internationally by some countries for cocaine trafficking.

It is about the citizen Eldi Dizdari, who is wanted by Albanian and Italian justice for several drug shipments, and recently it has emerged from the testimonies of the repentant justice Nuredin Dumani, as the orderer of several criminal events.

His soldier, Henrik Hoxhaj, said that Dizdari ordered the murder of businessman Lulzim Basha, owner of the "Wilson" school.

" This big cartel took his close friend's wife and he doesn't speak to her to this day, this boss. And today he separated Jensila from Bes Kallaku. This boss bought Gensila with lek. Do you understand or not ?", said the rapper Kleviol Ahmeti, or Cllevio as he is popularly known.