BEHIND THE SCENES/ Tom Dosh's son hit the well-known BUSINESSMAN with a car, as the police "locked" the file!

2024-04-23 13:58:34Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
James Doshi/ Tom Doshi

James Doshi , one of the sons of the leader of the Social-Democratic Party, Tom Doshi , has had an accident with a married couple.

It is about the owner of the "Gjuetia" hotel, Viktor Jushi , and his wife, who has received great damage, but is out of danger.

The police "locked" the file:

The incident happened in the village of Gajush in Lezha , while Doshi's son was traveling towards Shkodra.

But even though he was at fault in the accident he caused, James Doshi was favored by the authorities and the Police allowed him to take the vehicle and leave.

After the investigations, the Prosecutor's Office of Lezha has registered a criminal proceeding for "abuse of duty".

The Head of Road Traffic in Lezhë, Ismet Sula, has been suspended from his duties, while the entire management structure of the Lezhë Local Police Directorate is under investigation.

How the accident happened:

The son of former deputy Tom Doshi, James Doshi , while driving, he collided with a vehicle driven by the owner of the " Hunting Hotel " and the marble factory " ARPEG Stone Art & Craft ", Viktor Jushi with his wife.

From the investigations, it turned out that Doshi's son was guilty, but was favored by the police, who did not perform the actions in accordance with the law, allowing him to take the vehicle and leave.

In relation to this issue, the prosecution body has been set in motion, registering criminal proceedings for "abuse of duty".

The Prosecutor's Office of Lezha has requested the verification of the phone records of the officers of the Traffic Police Station, in order to find out the role of each of them in this accident and which of the superiors ordered them not to do their duty and to charge Tom Doshi's son with responsibility.

Who is Tom Dosh's 'problematic' son:

On April 26, 2022, in the former Block area, James and Marcos Doshi , together with their friend Eduart Laskajn, raped a 38-year-old man with strong objects.

Police forces also arrived at the scene, but the three young men did not obey the officers, resisting and hitting them.

Interrogated about what happened, Laskaj said that the fight with the 38-year-old started on social networks and then aggravated the former Block.