The saga of the trials for the ownership of Top Channel comes to an end, it ultimately remains with the Hoxha family

2024-02-27 21:14:52Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Top Channel building

After a long ordeal of court sessions, which lasted over 8 years, for the ownership of Top Channel, justice has been decided today in the Constitutional Court, which after a marathon session has recognized the family as the sole and legitimate owners of the largest television in the country Hoxha.

With a majority of 7 votes in favor and 2 against, from the nine members of the Constitutional Court, the widow of the founder of Top Channel, Dritan Hoxha, Vjollca Hoxha, as well as the children Lori Hoxha, Sara Hoxha, Redia Hoxha and Itan Hoxha, have been recognized 100% of the shares, respectively 20% each.

Two former friends of the late Dritan Hoxha, namely Albert Sino and Aurel Baçi, became fictitious shareholders in 2007 due to a legal deadlock at the time, when KKRT (today AMA) did not allow national televisions to have a single shareholder .

For this reason, the late Dritan Hoxha entrusted his two friends with 60% of the shares, namely 40% to Albert Sinos and 20% to Aurel Barçi.

Although they entered fictitiously and without investing a penny for the shares, with the change in the law, the Hoxha family gave two former friends of Dritan Hoxha the opportunity to withdraw their shares and leave Top Channel.

But apparently, due to occult interests as well as the greed to devour a property that did not belong to them, Albert Sino and Aurel Barçi decided not to accept the withdrawal from the shares that they had not paid a single lek to have.

And the court itself, with the decision No. 5259, dated 06.06.2008 of the Tirana Judicial District Court, issued the certificate of the legal inheritance of the deceased, designating the wife, the plaintiff Vjollca Hoxha, and the children Lori as the first legal heirs. Sara, Redia and Itan Hoxha. Even this decision was not recognized by the two former shareholders, who decided to try to the end to unfairly rob Top Channel.

However, the Hoxha family continued the battle in the judicial system, where the Court of Appeal of Tirana ruled in their favor, invalidating the contract for the sale of the shares of Albert Sino and Aurel Baç.

" The obligation of the defendants Albert Sino and Aurel Baçi to recognize the plaintiffs Vjollca Hoxha, Lorela Hoxha, Sara Hoxha, Redia Hoxha and Itan Hoxha as owners of more than 60% of the shares of the company "Top Channel" sh.a. with Nipt K120070024, for because the contract for the sale of shares with No. 1154 Rep and Kol dated 15.06.2007 is absolutely invalid as it was carried out in violation of the law.

The deregistration of the shares of the Company "Top Channel" sh.a by the defendants Albert Sino and Aurel Baçi and from the register of the extract of the Company at the National Business Center is ordered, as on the basis of which their registration was made in the register is invalid ", it was stated in the Appeal decision at the time.

The legal dispute would be moved to the Supreme Court, which would also take the same position, not recognizing Sinon and Baci as shareholders, while 100% of the shares belonged to the Hoxha family.

The decision has already been finally submitted to the Constitutional Court, the body that resolves the disputes of the parties in the Supreme Court, where a fair decision was given to the Hoxha family, as the sole heir to 100% of Top Channel television.

This was the last attempt of two former friends of Tan to take the property, not recognizing any moral, social and family code with the Hoxha family.

Many people ask, would Albert Sino and Aurel Barçi have the courage to take Dritan Hoxha's property if he was still alive. They know this answer better than anyone!