Exclusive: The CONVERSATIONS of Ervis Martinaj and "Prince Diamand" after the murder of Santiago Malko are revealed: You were from "Trejsi"!

2024-05-20 14:38:19Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Vis Martinaj/ Trejsi/ Leonard Duka

Other details have been revealed from the file of the Special Structure against Corruption and Organized Crime , which took place a few days ago across the country. 

In the file, provided by VoxNews , the interceptions of the conversation between Ervis Martinaj, known as the king of gambling, and " Prince Damian " as he likes to be called, Leonard Duka , have been revealed .

Duka and Martinaj talk about the murder of Santiako Malko , Leonard Duka tells Ervis Martinaj what would you do if they shot your father. Martinaj answers that he would kill him.

Excerpts from the file provided by VoxNews:

On 18.08.2020, Leonard Duka communicates with the citizen Ervis Martinaj, the conversation starts with Ervis, who tells him that he (referring to you Santiago MalkJJ) is wrong with your father and that I put your father out of my way, I only respect him and without you I don't hunt with Erlis's women or children. Leonard tells him that he did not make any move without your knowledge and that we have been friends for 15 years together. Ervis tells him that one night before you were a brother and you told him to talk well, that he is schizophrenic and he made a mistake with your father. Leonardi tells him that I'm only worried about the baby, what's going on with that other one, we didn't get to this point. Ervis tells him that you can't kill me with the gable of Vlore, O Nard, you should only kill me when you are in your right.

In the continuation, both tell each other that they have received information about people who have committed to kill each other from both sides. At one point, Ervis writes to him, "let's not kill him" (it is suspected that he is referring to the murder of Santiago MalkJJ), insulted him, it was real talk, you didn't say anything, count on saying sit down and we'll do it when you want.

Leonard asks him what he would like to do for your father and Ervis writes that I would have killed him. Ervis wrote to him that he claimed that you had paid him 500,000 euros to kill him and you said, apologize for your father, explain yourself, then kill yourself. I have only seen the quarrel with him because he got me into trouble with the whole of Albania, that scumbag. Ervis writes to him saying that he has no idea what he (Santiago Malko) did. Regarding the case of the robbery of the elderly in Tepelene, I found out after 6 months, about the shooting of Rino, I begged you and told you 10 thousand euros and not to make a noise. You too, please, but you've been a cork since Traci doesn't remember. Even for going to shoot Denis and Emi and for the wife of that stoner in the Gable neighborhood, Ervis says that he has no idea and he did not order it. Leonardi writes to him that I have known him from you and it was not due to your respect to do those actions, in any case what has gone is not coming back.

Leonard asks him to talk about both of us, to talk about how to talk and make things clear. Either calm them down and tidy them up or we continue like this<; here we go, but the good thing is that things don't go any further than you. You have to give me back 90%, it's up to me because I have all that money with you at work. If you want it back, if you don't want it back I won't tell you anymore, but it's my sweat. Ervis writes to him that I will not eat any medicine from you even though you tried to kill me with the gables of Vlora, <; what is your sweat is your sweat. The money you put in the lotto, you have the equipment there when you want it, you got the money for the grass as far as I know. Leonardi writes to him that they can't kill me in Lushnja, Mamurras, Vlora and Shkodra, but I'm telling you to calm things down because if it goes on from there, it won't end. They continue to discuss about the clarification of various accounts that they had together until the day when they are busy with each other, where Ervis says that from today I have nothing to do with you or Tuci.

 Ervisi i shprehet qe nje Shkodran e pastrova qe hante mut si kurvat (i referohet vrasjes se Gjin Ndoj) dhe ate Vlonjatin (Fatmir Hyseni) doe vras sepse ka dasht me me vra mua, jo Santin (Santiago Malko). Ose do t'i vras ose dote kalben ne burg ato gabelt e Vlores ndersa me ty nuk merrem me nga ky moment. I shprehet qe une e kam inatin me ty qe ke dasht te me vrasesh mua jo per Santin sepse une deri sa eshte vra ai nuke kam 9u ne mendje te te vras. Dhe mbasi eshte vra Santi kam lexuar dosjen dhe kam mesuar qe t'i ke dasht me me vra dhe athere kam dashur te te vras.  Leonardi i shprehet qe njesoj ke dashur edhe ti te me vrasesh mua dhe i qendron bisedes ne lidhje me ndarjen e llogarive qe kane bashke dhe shprehet qe une leket e mija nuk i fal si9 nuk fal ti te tuat. Leonardi i tregon ne vazhdimesi qe ti je afruar tek lagja ime per te me vrare dhe i tregon qe i di te gjitha bazat dhe shtepite qe ke. Leonardi i shprehet qe une kam dashur te te takoj baben tend qe te flisnim deri sa u be sebep qe te cova kontaktin. Une s'kam dashur te prekja tek gjaku jot se po te filloja nuk do ndalej me kjo pune.

Ervisi i shkruan qe une kam paguar 1 miljon euro per informacion ne lidhje me lokalizimin tend dhe Leonardi i pergjigjet qe hajde rregullojme llogarite dhe te ndalemi se ndryshe ka per te shkuar keq kjo pune dhe nuk do te ndalet me. Ervisi i shkruan qe ti ke dasht me me vra ne pabesi por s'te vej faj sepse ke menduar qe ta kam cuar une ate skizofrenin (Santiago Malko) por ai ka qene delirant dhe i kam thene qe sate ka dasht Nardi ty s'ka dasht as Rinon, turp te kesh. Ervisi shprehet qe e ka pyetur, po me Lisin (Erlis Duka) ca pate, ate tha Nardi hajde merr leket e Rinos te ETC. Ervisi i tregon ne lidhje me diten kur u plagos Rino, ai (Santiago Malko) i eshte shprehur qe e fala Lisin (Erlis Duka).

Leonardi i shkruan qe dhe ate te kishte bo ai dhe pasha allahun nuk e di cfare lloj mostre do isha bere. Ai s'ka pas pune me vellain tim as nuk e ka takuar. S'ka bere asnje veprim vetem ky i imi (vellai Erlis Duka) ka qelluar.

Biseda vazhdon ne lidhje me konfliktin qe kane pasur me shtetasin Santiago Malko dhe personin qe i therrasin me emrin Rino. Ervisi shprehet qe nga Viti i Ri dhe ktej nuk jam marre me ty as me shtet as me privat, por po te duash ma provo forcen, se e di qe zdo te ndalonte kurre ky muhabet. Ato tre Vlonjatet dote ti gropos, jo per Santin por sepse kane dasht me me vra mua dhe nese don dilju ti per zot. Kane bere tender me koken time, nuk ke bese me mua pa kapur ate "Doqen" (Fatmir Hyseni), ose ne burg ose ne toke. Ti po majte anen e atij vazhdo se te kane perdor, ashtu si9 te ka perdor ai Gaxha (Elvis Gacaj) se ka dasht me te marre peng tek Valter Bami mor budall.

Leonardi writes to him that I don't have anything with types, he tried to fix what we have and look at our work. You know what they are, the best thing is not to let things go like that, because they are not small. In the continuation, he says that there is no chance that anyone will take me hostage, Vis, I am not a sheep.

Ervis writes to him that there is no worse than that Gaxha (Elvis Gacaj) we were going to kill him the day he got out of prison but took the children in his arms and remembered my girlfriend and forgave him. In the continuation, Ervis says that Barnet wanted to kill them (Durim and Valter Bami, related to episode No. 1) and to show the conversations they had with Gaxha in order to take him hostage and demand 5 million euros. Ervisi says that I encounter dangerous mistakes with you because you are wrong about your rights, while I wipe the ass of other mistakes. Ervis writes to him that even with Altin Lamen you are in vain because he is not braver than you, nor smarter nor more hearty and for that I sleep in the flower garden. Leonard writes to him that I don't deal with him, he has his own ballet and I have my own problems. You know that I only look at my daughter and my daughter, so I have not approached anyone except you.