The murder of the year in Fier? Security expert for VoxNews: Police do not have life insurance!

2024-05-14 09:43:55Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The murdered policeman and the author Asllan Mernica

Since yesterday, the Fier Police, RENEA and FNSH have been continuing the search and combing of the area, for the location and arrest of the 23-year-old who executed with a weapon the officer of the " Eagle " forces.

An operation is underway in the village of Pojan, near the village of Baltëz where the murder took place, as it is suspected that Azgan Mernica is hiding there.

He managed to escape immediately after the serious crime. Meanwhile, the police have put a 30,000 euro reward for anyone who provides valuable information for the capture of Novruz Cenalia's killer .

Forensics expert Fatjon Softa has expressed concern for VoxNews that the State Police does not have life insurance. Softa claims that this incident could become a precedent for the safety of police officers.

The expert also criticized the way new police officers are trained. Softa claims for VoxNews that in many cases the actions of the police were wrong.

How much are the people who kill the State Police employee punished:

ARTICLE 79-B: " Murder of State Police employees "

Intentional killing of State Police employees, during or because of duty, when the qualities of the victim are obvious or known, is punishable by imprisonment of not less than thirty years or life imprisonment.

Psitat where the policeman's murder in Fier is being investigated

The police of Fier, recognizing the officer who was found dead in the street of the "fight", have realized that the police officer was not a boy with problems, they have started the search for a clue to find out what was the cause of the murder.

Verifications and a camera near the road have shown that everything started from the conflict for crossing the road first, where the perpetrator appears with a gun in his hand, shooting at the 28-year-old Cenalia. After identifying the perpetrator, the police started verifications about his past and found that he was the brother of another person convicted of murder, and even for one of the most serious crimes that happened in Fier in the last 5 years.

How the policeman was killed in Fier

The police officer, Cenalia, was killed while on his way to the workplace to receive the service. The murder was recorded around 13:15 on May 13, 2024.

Asllan Mernica, also known as Azgan, left the scene with a blue "Audi" type car, which he abandoned a few kilometers away and from there fled to the fields. Dozens of police officers, including the National Security Forces and the RENEA elite, are in pursuit of him.

The leaders of the state police have called on the author to surrender, otherwise the force of the law will be very harsh against him.

The father of the officer who lost his life from the bullet to the head, Nevruz Cenalia, is also a policeman near the operating room of the Fier Police, who is suspected of being involved in a murder that happened years ago in his hometown in Has, locked up in the doors of justice, what he initially put on the desk of the investigators as a clue, but it was quickly clarified that there was no connection.


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