SPAK gives the details: Clan Duka and Durim Bami formed an alliance to kill Vis Martinaj and the former Socialist MP

2024-05-18 16:20:49Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Clan Duka and Durim Bami formed an alliance to kill Vis Martinaj

SPAK has disclosed several assassinations and serious criminal events that have occurred in recent years, in the mega-operation developed at the weekend, where the criminal groups of Ervis Martinaj, Durim Bami, Arben Ndoka, Edison Reç, etc. were hit.

According to SPAK, the much-wanted justice from Fushë-Kuqja, Ervis Martinaj, was the main target for execution of an alliance between two enemy groups with him.

The prosecution body clarifies that Durim Bami from Nikla has joined forces with the Dukate clan led by brothers Leonard and Erlis Duka, to eliminate the former gambling boss.

The Fushë-Kruja group led by Durim Bami, with the help of the Duka clan and Fatmir Hysen from Vlora, wanted to eliminate, in addition to Martinaj, the former deputy of the Socialist Party in Lezha district, Arben Ndoka.

"On the other hand, in the area of ??Fushë Krujë, the criminal group led by citizen Durim Bami stands out, which appears in open conflict with the criminal groups led by citizens Ervis Martinaj and Arben Ndoka. The criminal group led by Durim Bami makes an alliance with an opposing group of the citizen EM, and which is led by the citizens Leonard Duka and Fatmir Hyseni., persons with significant criminal precedents in order to kill Ervis Martinaj and Arben Ndoka and other members of these criminal groups."

On the other hand, Martinaj has not remained idle either, who according to SPAK had formed an alliance with the criminal group based in Lezhë, which was led by Arben Ndoka and in cooperation with Avdylaj in Shijak, they intended to execute Durim Bami and Fatmir Hysen, after he was accused of killing the right-hand man of former gambling boss Santiago Malko.

According to the accusation, members of the criminal group led by Emiljano Shullazi, who is behind bars, helped Martinaj to carry out these assassinations.

"At the center of these criminal groups is the criminal group created and directed by the citizen Ervis Martinaj, which is in alliance with the criminal group that operated in the city of Lezha led by the citizen Arben Ndoka. These two criminal groups, in order to achieve their criminal goal, have contacted members of another criminal group that operated in the city of Durrës. Also, both of these criminal groups have recruited hitmen who operate mainly in the area of ??Fushë - Kruja and in the area of ??Burrel. In the same way, in order to realize the criminal goals, Ervis Martinaj contacts the citizen VI, who had just finished serving his prison sentence, and asks him to kill the citizen FH. Citizens E.Sh. and AA, who, although under conditions of detention, help Ervis Martinaj and Arben Ndoka., in the realization of the criminal goal, which is the murder of Durim Bami. etc. E.SH. contacts the interrogator TB, to whom he asks to kill DB. Similarly, E.SH provides information about DB's movements and makes this information available to the citizen AN"