SPAK flash action without the "knowledge" of Balla, the minister in Spain!

2024-05-17 12:06:51Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Altin Dumani/ SPAK/ Taulant Balla/ Police

By order of SPAK , the police and RENEA have launched a wide operation across the country, in search of well-known characters of the world of crime. In total, more than 40 arrest warrants have been issued, for well-known names and previously filed by justice.

This flash action was kept secret so much that it seems that even the Minister of the Interior, Taulant Balla , who is in Spain, was not "aware".

As it appears from the following images published by the minister himself on Facebook, Balla had a meeting with the Madrid Police patrol on road traffic management, the equipment they use in order to increase road safety.

SPAK operations are focused in Tirana, in the Duka brothers' apartment in the Fresk area, in Nikël, in the apartments of Valter and Durim Bami, in Vlora, in the apartment of Fatmir Hysen, as well as in Durrës, in the apartments of members of the Avdylaj tribe. . Ervis Martinaj's apartment in Fushë Kuqe was part of the checks.


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